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Simple question - what is your racing number, and why?
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#1 - RLeb
Simple question - what is your racing number, and why?
"What is your racing number, and why?"

Something that popped up in my head a few days ago when watching the F1 video on the subject.
I thought it would be a fun thread to start here with you guys/gals.

Does your racing number have a particular origin or significance?
When I first went to chose a number to use in LFS, I went for 24 as it's my day of birth. One day tho there was a league where you needed sign up and the number 24 was taken, so I went for 54 as the 5 is a mirrored 2 in a seven segment display. But yea i don't really have a number with much of a meaning yet Big grin
I don’t really have a racing number now. But i gonna keep it as 4 when i race in a event. 4 is actually sum of my birthday(31) Smile
43 for me, but I have no cool story about it Tilt
I got influenced by a teacher - he was a cross racer with big buggies back in his youth years. Some said he was rolling so often,he should have a number that can be read also upside down - 69. So I adapted it in my early years of gaming (I remember even wearing it in create-a-player in one of the NHL games on Playstation). Then later I started to dislike it due sexual background of that number and also it was relatively popular,so I picked the other version of the 6+9 figure combination and staying with it for many years already.
#6 - Laoz
Wanted to take 43 because thats used to be my apartaments door number, but it was taken so I added 3 and it was 46.
Simply because i like fibonacci numbers

(if not possible, i take 21 or 55)
I normally use 31 if it`s available there to choose... Idk, maybe it comes from my parents´ address where I lived over 20 years.
#9 - P V L
61 , my year of birth. Nod
mostly 25 , cause a Moroccan WTCC driver used to drive with , but when it occupied i use 23 because of its Nissan GT-R GT3 car number

cause Dr.Evil's mastermind was Number Two
17, plate number of my city Thumbs up

First number that was free in the first series I entered in LFS. I later realised it was the number that the late great Jim Clark ran on his Indy 500 winning Lotus 38.
that was just the most used one for me, like the overall look for it
A friend of mine uses 77, so 78 has a significance Tongue
Because 25
94, last 2 digits of birth year.

If taken, idk some meme number like 13 or 69. Or 666.
16 because is my birthdate lol also just a good number. 2⁴
I was 28 after Davey Allison for years, but I got fed up with clashes. I was wearing an Iron Maiden Number of the Beast skin when I finally gave up on 28, but obviously 666 would have been even worse for clashes. I knew of a theory that 616 was the 'real' number, not 666, and I figured it was an obscure enough theory that it wouldn't lead to clashes.

TLDR: Thinly-disguised cliche Wink
I use 33 because I like 3’s. I also like 777 because I like the idea of chance. But 33 is my real number. 777 is my drift team number, 777 drift, all Q45 cars.
I used to pick 13 a lot because I'm bad luck for anyone that wants 1st place Big grin and the Devil car in Ridge racer was #13

Simple question - what is your racing number, and why?
(21 posts, started )