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Simple question - what is your racing number, and why?
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#1 - RLeb
Simple question - what is your racing number, and why?
"What is your racing number, and why?"

Something that popped up in my head a few days ago when watching the F1 video on the subject.
I thought it would be a fun thread to start here with you guys/gals.

Does your racing number have a particular origin or significance?
When I first went to chose a number to use in LFS, I went for 24 as it's my day of birth. One day tho there was a league where you needed sign up and the number 24 was taken, so I went for 54 as the 5 is a mirrored 2 in a seven segment display. But yea i don't really have a number with much of a meaning yet Big grin
I don’t really have a racing number now. But i gonna keep it as 4 when i race in a event. 4 is actually sum of my birthday(31) Smile
43 for me, but I have no cool story about it Tilt
I got influenced by a teacher - he was a cross racer with big buggies back in his youth years. Some said he was rolling so often,he should have a number that can be read also upside down - 69. So I adapted it in my early years of gaming (I remember even wearing it in create-a-player in one of the NHL games on Playstation). Then later I started to dislike it due sexual background of that number and also it was relatively popular,so I picked the other version of the 6+9 figure combination and staying with it for many years already.
#6 - Laoz
Wanted to take 43 because thats used to be my apartaments door number, but it was taken so I added 3 and it was 46.
Simply because i like fibonacci numbers

(if not possible, i take 21 or 55)
I normally use 31 if it`s available there to choose... Idk, maybe it comes from my parents´ address where I lived over 20 years.
#9 - P V L
61 , my year of birth. Nod
mostly 25 , cause a Moroccan WTCC driver used to drive with , but when it occupied i use 23 because of its Nissan GT-R GT3 car number

cause Dr.Evil's mastermind was Number Two
17, plate number of my city Thumbs up

First number that was free in the first series I entered in LFS. I later realised it was the number that the late great Jim Clark ran on his Indy 500 winning Lotus 38.

Simple question - what is your racing number, and why?
(14 posts, started )