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How to make 3d renders?
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How to make 3d renders?
Hello everyone,
During a tour of a technology university, I saw people studying with a laptop, drawing and designing the details of the machines to look very vivid, look real. I asked them if they were doing 3D rendering. After that day I decided I would have to learn that. But I don't know how to make 3D renders. Hope everyone can show me where I should start.
Thanks everyone.
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There are many programs that are used to design houses, characters, or shapes only, depending on your skills that you acquire through some free courses that you find on YouTube or other sites, for example We mention some of the programs used in the current period [3DS MAX] and [ BLENDER ] It all depends on you. You may face some difficulties because you do not know some of the tools used in this program, so you only need to learn patience

How to make 3d renders?
(3 posts, started )