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Auto-x track with video
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Auto-x track with video
here's the video:

I hope you enjoy the track. After a short amount of runs I've got about 37 seconds in the MRT, with some very close races! Also fun with the bigger cars, but it's very tight as you'll see in the vid.
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no comments? I didn't think it was half bad for my first effort
this layout is very tight and is awesome in the MRT.
reminds me alot of karting IRL
I think it is really neat Burnzoire. I've made similar layouts in the past for S1, and keeping them simple and fast like this is always fun. I do suggest that some apexs need haybales instead of red/white barriers (ie the MRT flying in air ). It really looks good with a consistent group of bales for the apex, on every apex. Certaintly does give a karting feel, but also kind of a 'stadium' style racing. Those kinds of tracks are always the most fun for online with multiple cars.

Normals autocross layouts (cones) for solo is fun, but a bit different than this. And this kind of course is what I made most of. I'll play it on my server sometime.
its quite nice. a little too tight for my liking. Its a shame no one runs mrt races
yeah that barrier crash bug pretty much ruins autocross layouts I'll probably leave them in there for this track, in the hope that it gets fixed in a patch soon.

I kept it tight with the MRT in mind, but my next track will be much bigger for more vehicle variety.

Thanks for the comments!
I actually prefer faster tracks for the MRT. Tracks where you can run 3 wide in corners We just need more room to use...
Quote from Tweaker :And this kind of course is what I made most of. I'll play it on my server sometime.

Thanks! what server would that be?
It is called (V) Mercury Racing Team

I'll be gone for a week, but when I get back I'll be sure and try some stuff. Usually we have it set for a 2 week practice for the OLFSL season using specific car/track combos, but surely a few days wouldn't hurt with some auto-x fun . I used to host a server way back in S1 that was only Autocross stuff, many people joined in and enjoyed it . I might do the same in the future.

Auto-x track with video
(9 posts, started )