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Hello ,
since Adobe Flash Player no longer be supporting after 30 Dec , how we can access to the analyzer or using the Remote and the other stuff that Flash Player is required in the LFSWORLD website ?
Yeah, I think lfsworld is and looks very outdated at the moment, I hope at least this part of the game hasn't been completely abandoned by devs Wink Oh wait, it's 2021 already...
@Victor : do you have some planned updates regarding this ?
(sorry for the late reply!)

Some people in the community are making a new Remote. They are busy with every day life, so it'll take some time.

The hotlap analyser is a bit of a pain atm. I have very little time to make a new JavaScript based one and I'm not sure what to do about it as such :/ Maybe I should remove the feature though ...

I'd like to migrate / refresh the most important LFS World pages to this website ( actually. Maybe after that I could look into a JS based analyser, if the community hasn't made one by then.
Do at your pace, and allow Rallycross/gtr combos while waiting for some times to find a way to build an analyser 😇
Quote from THE WIZARD DK :Question.
Would it be possible to have remote running from website here?

forexample its own page with a screen and a menu like inside remote to choose server etc.
so you literally watch it on website and can via menu choose what server you like to watch from ?
perhaps with login so server owners know who watch ?

"i have no idea or how hard it would be to make or if even possible.
just a insta idea that perhaps also would be more safe than JS ?".

I think that's the goal to have it standalone, same as it was before. The only difference will be using just web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) instead of Flash.

LFS World
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