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PiranMOTO_JokerLap - Enforce a joker lap on a server
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#1 - Racon
PiranMOTO_JokerLap - Enforce a joker lap on a server
JokerLap will enforce drivers taking a joker lap in a race. You can set a minimum number of laps required (default 1), and a maximum number of laps allowed (default 1).

You can set the type of penalty given for not meeting the joker lap requirements (default stop-go*).

You can optionally issue a warning to drivers if they must take the joker on their current lap. (This will warn every required lap in the case of multiple required laps).

The layout requires 3 InSim circles placed in such a way as to cover the whole width of the track in the following places (see reference image):
  • Index 1, to be placed at the start of the joker lap
  • Index 0, to be placed at the end of the joker lap
  • Index 2, to be placed after the rejoin, but before the finish line
You may also optionally place a warning circle:
  • Index 3, to be placed before the joker lap (with enough track left for them to react safely!)
Added in version 0.3:

- multiple joker laps can be required, both minimum and maximum can be set
- penalty type is now configurable
- optional warning at last joker opportunity
- text commands to hot-set configuration
- killswitch

** 0.3 is compatible with 0.2 - you may replace the .exe without replacing the .cfg, default values will apply to the new settings **

(This program requires Visual C++Redistributable 2015 - if you don't have it installed, it is available here: ... oad/details.aspx?id=48145)

InSim circle reference:
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I've been away from LFS for a while and need something to ease my way back into things so will use this. Thank you Smile
#3 - Racon
Version 0.3 released, original post updated Thumbs up
Very nice! I'll give this a try next week

PiranMOTO_JokerLap - Enforce a joker lap on a server
(4 posts, started )