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V8 Racing League 2020 - signups
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LFSW name: nikopdr
In-game name: GenR uNite
Full team name: a
Nation: Winland
Quote from fatalunfair :LFSW name: fatalunfair
In-game name: Fatass
Full team name: a
Nation: Finland

Team change
LFSW: Brixxed
In-gAME NAME: Nate Simpson
Full Team name:-
Nation: Jamaica
Quote from Brixxed :LFSW: Brixxed

Signup refused due missing S2 licence. S2 requred to join VERL,S3 required for round 2.
New signup needed when you have bought a licence.
LFSW name: matrxs
In-game name: RG^Dzidoris
Full team name: Race Green Autosports
Nation: Lithuania
LFSW name: axellap
In-game name:Lap #15
Full team name: Lap V8 Race Team
Nation: Netherlands
LFSW name: sergeynemo
In-game name: B2マ IVA
Full team name: Born To Race
Nation: Russia
LFSW name: pittpulga
In-game name: #13 - F Fonseca
Full team name: Steadfast Virtual Racers
Nation: Brazil
LFSW name: tautisp
In-game name: Tautvydas
Full team name: GlobalGaming Racing
Nation: Lithuania
Quote from Erotika :LFSW name: airis03
Full team name: Global Gaming Racing

Quote from TautisP :LFSW name: tautisp
Full team name: GlobalGaming

If this is the same team,please decide which name is correct!
LFSW name: 3skimas
In-game name: 3skimas
Full team name: Global Gaming Racing
#37 - Laoz
LFSW name: laoz
In-game name: SimGintas
Nation: Lithuania
LFSW name: numbertwo
In-game name: [FFM]^Number
Full team name: Fragmaster
Nation: Croatia
LFSW name: lacondeguy16
In-game name: FR™ MAXXIS
Full team name: FR™
Nation: Spain
LFSW name: mathyhu
In-game name: Matyas Bajka
Full team name: BRT Bajka Racing Team
Nation: Hungary
LFSW name: vochomovil
In-game name: guille
Full team name:
Nation: Uruguay
LFSW name: xixenar
In-game name: T4_JOE
Full team name: Team4
Nation: Austria
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V8 Racing League 2020 - signups
(42 posts, closed, started )