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Biadonsky's Autocross Layouts
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Biadonsky's Autocross Layouts
First simple layout for BLX, after i bought S1 License.

A small tarmac stage, i enjoyed it with MRT (default autocross setup) and keyboard. My PB at the moment is: 0:47:72, But i know you can do better!
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BL1X_BRR_Stage1_Tarmac.lyt - 1.1 KB - 7 views
Great to see that you've discovered the Autocross feature, and that you can now make your own layouts Smile

Some feedback on your layout, and on any future layouts.

Do you want to just place objects, or do you want to your layout to look like it would in real life?

In real life, there would be a duty of care, so lots of health & safety considerations.

Normally, you wouldn't start in middle of a street - especially when there's a large car park area nearby. The one to the right of your start point is great - off camber, and you can't quite see the road you have to turn into.

When you have pavements and lamp-posts, why place objects and signs on road, when you can use verges and lamp-posts and street signs?

Use more signs - especially for turns. You designed layout so you know which way to turn. From experience, people just load layout then drive. So therefore get lost, and bit frustrated.

Also, where you have a section where you can build up speed, followed by a turn, best to have countdown markers. It gives warning about big braking needed. Even a single marker is useful.

You were missing a barrier to stop people entering industrial car park on right hand side just before your waypoint.

I would have made spacing between your tyre barriers you used for chicane/slalom a bit bigger. You may have specified using MRT, but people will try other cars, and your chicane is bit tight.

Anyway, that's just my opinion.
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BL1X_BRR_Stage1_Tarmac_edit.lyt - 1.2 KB - 5 views
Wow, thank you so much for the tips and your few adjustement improved a lot my layout!

Can I ask you a question?

What's the most accurate way to import a track into editor? There are some tools?

I would recreate the Arese circuit (the new one which is really small) into the container area of Blackwood. There is enough space imho, but it would be difficult to recreate the track with the same distances.
The layout editor has a distance measuring tool. Just hit D to activate it.

Biadonsky's Autocross Layouts
(4 posts, started )