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Old Tracks
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Old Tracks
So the idea is the ability to allow the use of older version tracks besides all the new stuff that is present in the current version already. Don't know how doable that is but I think that racing in them without the need of the use of other lfs versions wouldn't be that bad. As far as i know the tracks that would make more sense to add would be older blackwood and older westhill since they changed quite a bit in time.
old tracks. some of them was made in 2D. hence graphical update.
With older tracks i meant their old layout not their graphics... They can be maybe adjusted graphically and stuff but keeping the old layout. That was the suggestion.
tbh i think this was debated when westhill was updated. many wanted still the old track. but you can always download an older LFS version containing those tracks still. i think that became the end of that debate.
Well, having those track together with the new ones was the idea... I think being able to have current leagues on those old layouts would be nice.
true. i for one also wanted the old westhill and blw to use. so i fully get you. but devs seems to have other plans, which i also fully understand. i think its only possible with an older lfs.exe from now on. i remember 0.5Y and x35 to be very stabile patches and i think those were around for a couple years each too.

Old Tracks
(6 posts, started )