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FOX Endurance 6th June 2020 on AS6 - INFO
This is Endurance FOX race in celebration of 10 years of Fox friday events.
Race will consist of open qualify and 3 hours race.
Track is AS6.

6th June 2020, 20:15 CET - Qualify 30 minutes
6th June 2020, 21:00 CET - Race 3 hours

Race will be held with Formula XR - FOX.

Top 30 cars from Qualify will be allowed to start race.
A car may be driven by a team consisting of more drivers.
One driver can only be part of one team.
Car can also be driven by a solo driver.
All drivers will have to sign up - an excel table will be published with entries.

Qualify will be open qualify session of 30 minutes.
Only one driver per team can participate in qualifying.
Bump drafting is not allowed.

Race will be 3 hours long.
Starting grid will be defined by Qualify.
Bump drafting is not allowed.
If you get stuck in sand, or roll the car, notify admins by typing RESET in chat.
When you receive allowance to RESET your car, you will receive a Stop and go penalty.

Discord channel link is:
You do not have to use Discord during the race.
LFS chat during race is allowed - just dont spam too much.

All race protests will have to be posted in Discord, fox crashes channel.

Upload high resolution skin for stream
Info updated!
Updated Entry table! 27 cars with a granted entry at the moment. Teams without time on a Fox Endurance server should set a time.

The DEADLINE for setting the laptime and signup for the race is Thursday 4th June, at 20:30 CET. The entry table will be published before FM Fox Friday start. Entry table will be final.

One final point - only one driver per team can participate in endurance qualify. The driver that participates in qualify will have to start the race. After the Qualify ends, a timer will be setup and when that timer runs to the end the official race will start.

In race and qualify chat will not be closed, but please keep it to minimum. Uneccesary spam and chat will result in a warning from admin team, further spam will result in DT penalty. Even further spam will result in a race DSQ and server kick. So keep your DALE ACELERA CAMPEONS to the one line and minimal usage guys.

There will be no restarts, and no time table changes - so keep cool heads, organize yourself before the event and most of all, have fun.
So, after tense last hour before entries closed the Final entry table is here. Entries are closed.

Every participant has to come onto discord for the qualify session. After qualy there will be short rule recap and then race. No restarts, no postponements.

Only one driver per team can qualify. The driver that qualifies has to start the race.
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