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Layout Racing League Pre-Season Test Race
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Layout Racing League Pre-Season Test Race
Hi all!

As some may have seen during these few days, we are getting our things together and ready for season 2 of LRL! However, due to the nature of one layout, schwarzwald in particular I want to gather people interested in attending this series to test this layout, main point being on raceability and car class balancing, also to see how people can run a layout of this caliber (PC performance and driver skill-wise). After rony hosted his 300 kilometer TBO race, I hope to see similar results in this test. The race details are as following:

18th April
Cars: TBO
15:00 UTC - 40 minute qualifying session for Schwarzwald
15:40 UTC - 5 minute break
15:45 UTC - 5 Lap Race Session starts
Server link - Layout Racing League

For this race, we're not enforcing the normal SC procedures, or 107% qualifying rule. Reasons being that the layout is too long for a physical SC, and to gather as many people for the race to see what places need improving in order to ensure as incident-free race as possible. Not many of our default rules are in effect, but I hope people are familiar with the Rules of Clean Racing.

After Schwarzwald has been raced, we will continue with a test at the Mid-Town Ring, with the GT3 cars. This race will follow the Season 1 rulebook, as written HERE. There is no official time when we start this but it's very quickly after Schwarzwald finishes.

For season 2 we will post an updated rulebook, and with this new sub-forum we can organise things easier so I'd like to take some of the post space to thank New Dimension Racing for taking the series under their wings. Thumbs up
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#2 - Racon
Beautiful track Thumbs up

(server is currently set to 20 mins qual, no vote for restarts... having to leave and reconnect to get qually again Smile )
Hi Racon!

Thanks for trying the server, and letting me know of the configuration issue. 'twas an error in Airio configuration, and it has been mended. Please verify for me!
#4 - Racon
Yep, that's got it, thanks Smile
#5 - Sobis
My gosh this layout!
(MicroSpecV) DELETED by MicroSpecV
Thank you for the drivers for participating in the test race! We gained valuable information that will make Season 2020 a great one!

See you on 2nd May!

Layout Racing League Pre-Season Test Race
(6 posts, started )