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As the site says "you may unlock on a friends pc to play him online" but to do that do i have to give him my username + password or is there some way i can unlock it for him without having to go throught this?

Thanks for the help i go S2 two days ago and all i can say is i love it...

Black Wolf
Unlocking the game means you have to enter your username and gamepassword. The password is needed to play online.

3.1You may install S1 or S2 on 2 computers for your own use or to race a friend on a Local Network.

It means LAN, local game. And, the license agreement also says:

3.4You must not give your username, WEB or GAME password to other LFS users.
This means he cannot play online? Only LAN
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One license won't work online for two computers. So, if you comply with rule 3.4.. He won't be able to play online.
Also, it only works on LAN IP's, so VPN things like Hamachi don't work, too. Otherwise it would be too easy to crack it, I guess.
You also get a limited amount of unlocks a month, so if your thinking of throwing your details to him so you can both get online, be prepared for both of you having no LFS until the next month.
I was not going to throw my details out to him, besides what would be the point, he can only play on LAN so i am not going to do it, I was not going to do it in the first place as I bought the game for MYSELF only. Anyway, thanks for all the info, glad to have my questions answered.

Black Wolf
Sorry if i sounded offensive there mate, it wasnt supposed to.

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