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Hi Guys, is their any Lapper Database experts out there as I have a .csv file with a lot of data I need to import into my $StoredValueDbs Lapper Database. I have tried loads but cannot get it to work and Yisc tried it using Lapper and even he can't get it work for more than 20 or 30 entries.

Please contact me via Private Message if you can help


There is a sql database browser that's free to download and use, called DB Browser for SQLite ( that allows you to import .csv files.

Maybe worth a try?

When you want to open existing lapper database, run the program, then click the open database tab, open folder where your lapper database files are stored, change file type from *.db *.sql to all files, and click on your *.dbs file.

There's a drop down box in the Table cell under Browse Data, and you'll find a few different tables, one of which holds all the data in your database.

If your .csv file matches the headers in this, then import may work.
Hi Sinanju, I already have it and have tried lots to import the data but not up to speed enough with databases but thanks for your input.


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