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Oculus Rift and LFS stutter when looking out the sidewindows?
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Oculus Rift and LFS stutter when looking out the sidewindows?
Just got back to LFS after extensive testing of VR in ACC.

When VR first was introduced to LFS (thanks Scawen!) I was blown away by plug-n-play simplicity, performance and overall experience. If I recall correctly, I had no issues whatsoever with display stutter no matter what direction I was looking.

Today, with LFS 6T and Oculus App Version. +Rift CV1, I started an AI race at Fern Bay and instantly noticed that the landscape - when looking sideways - was lagging/stuttering. Not smooth at all, FPS-counter was still at 100 fps.

If someone have experienced the same, or have any clues on how to solve this, I would be very grateful.

My specs are built around Win10 64bit, i7-7700K, GTX1080Ti (11Mb), 16Mb RAM, Nvidia driver 417.22.

Can you post your graphics settings also its weird that LFS is reporting 100fps as VR should be 90fps. Im running roughly the same specs as you and no issues with lag and fps is locked at 90fps. Im also using supersampling through rift tools.
Thanks for response, simon1234!
Yes, it was reporting 100 fps (LFS FPS-counter), and now I set it to 90 and locked it (also reporting 90). Still the same micro-stutter when looking out my door-window. Perhaps it has always been that way?

I'll grab some screens of my graphics settings and post them next time. Meanwhile, will try to work it out with a bit of tweaking. To me it seems like general hickup...? I also have to start OculusClient.exe and wonder if the latest updates has screwed something up. Generally more problems with VR-applications since this autumn oculus mayhem updates Smile
Ok, so attached are my settings for now.
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Your running very modest setting in lfs for your system I will have to double check but I'm sure im full on everything even running supersamperling on top.

Might be worth oculas, nvida reinstall followed by lfs.

Im on ryzen7 2700x but same gpu.
Yep, I could push it up, I guess. It was more or less on "default" (with a few changes) after going from LFS 6R to 6T a couple of days ago.

Since other VR-titles are running well now, I am reluctant to go thru an Oculus reinstall, but I'll consider it if/when the LFS graphics update arrives.
AH, thanks mbutcher for posting a link to that discussion. Didn't see that one. Then it seems there is no way around it (for now). A bit of a let down since otherwise VR works so well in LFS (with real mirror rendering).
The issue is still on-going Smile I started to use Rift S and I noticed this problem.
I hope we can fix this someday.

Oculus Rift and LFS stutter when looking out the sidewindows?
(9 posts, started )