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VR graphics issues
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VR graphics issues
Hello all,

When I use the Oculus to play, the environment doesn't move smoothly. It's very bad when looking outside the side window; like objects jump 30cms. It gives me terrible motion sickness. The car itself travels smoothly.

I tried playing around with the settings; lower settings, higher settings... nothing worked. Any suggestions?

My set-up:
Processor: AMD Ryzen 1700
Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 1080 8Gb G1 Gaming
RAM: 16 Gb 3200mhz

I experience the same issue. While driving normally it's not a problem but slow corners or autocross courses are suffering from this a lot. As far as I understand it is because the Rift runs with 90hz while the physics engine runs with 100hz, which creates these jumping objects.

Other than that I gotta say the Rift implementation inside LFS is superb. Once this problem is solved (maybe the physics rate might change with new tyre physics...?) it will be absolutely perfect.
have used the rift for quite a while now and did experience this a little at first. LFS + rift is a superb experience overall i must say and in all honesty when i am racing (mostly FBM blackwood historic) i am concentrating that hard on where my car is and the apex of a corner that i rarely notice the microstutter but notice that when someone joins the server it can happen bad
Hi team,

I'm replying here in search of answers or advice.
I have purchased the Oculus Rift set with extra sensors. I'm in the process of upgrading my PC hardware to use the Rift. I am currently comparing two graphics cards, both from Nvidia - GTX 1070 and Quadro P4000. The Quadro P4000 has disadvantages in such that it is more expensive and doesn't offer the same level of performance as the 1070. However, the P4000 has dedicated drivers that augment performance for specific software used professionally. In my case, I am using the VR to add to my motorcycle simulator which I'm running with a version of LFS.
What I'd like to know from you is whether this P4000 card does have specific drivers that make LFS better perform, compared with the GTX 1070 card. I intend to keep this simulator and VR functional and relevant over the next 4 years.
Thank you in advance and I apologize for hikacking the forum in advance. I did not find any other sub topics on the forum (in the last 8 months) where people discussed graphics cards.
The Quadro is for professionals. Made for those that do rendering, and CAD modeling, those that need asynchronous compute power, etc. It's made to be mostly used in scientific applications. LFS doesn't even use GPU compute for physics so I doubt the P4000 will be of any help. That said it's still a powerful card but it is not targeting gamers. I would suggest you get a 1080 Ti because the prices are dropping and you will find a good deal for under 300$ on the used market.
Thanks Benjamin, that really helps make my choice! Between the 1070 and 1080, there's still the price difference and the lab doesn't want to purchase a used card, so I'll push for it, hopefully I get the 1080 Ti.
I have the same stuttering problems running the glasses at 90hz, at 60hz runs completely smooth but the image is distorted with prespective. It's not a glasses or computer problem it only fails in LFS

Thus I can not play LFS because at 90hz it stutters and at 60 it looks all deformed.

Fortunately I will soon see the fonts in 4k
Hi, I've just installed the game and run into this problem with the stutters at 90hz. Is this a problem that's going to be fixed or can I better just uninstall LFS?
Thank you, I was not aware of such patch. I'm gonna give it a try.
Is this still an issue? It seems like the linked patch is old enough by this point that it is no longer applicable (my installed version reports 0.6V in the logs, which I'm assuming is more recent than any 0.6U and therefore has incorporated all of the 0.6U* patches). But, I'm still encountering the stuttering in VR.

VR graphics issues
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