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Individual IS_HCP
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Individual IS_HCP
So my idea is to make is_hcp to work on each player individually using playerid, instead of applying the effect in all cars
#2 - Racon
I've not tinkered with that packet yet, but I've wondered: Does it apply the weight/restriction to the car directly or just tell you to change it if it's not right? If I pit and rejoin, does the change stick or does the packet need sending again?

I have a multi-class thing in planning, but I wasn't going to use IS_HCP for it... I'll want two classes of the same base car for some races and I'm not going to have two ways of doing it going on at the same time. I'll just tell players what to do, and then check on IS_NPL and spec the non-compliant.
If I recall correctly, the IS_HCP packet has an immediate effect on all cars specified, even those currently on track.
#4 - Racon
Quote from Flame CZE :even those currently on track.

Just thinking aloud...

I have, scribbled in a notebook somewhere, plans and algos for detecting drafting distance and overlap in order to simulate the over-heating you get if you don't expose some of your grill every now and then. I was thinking of maybe having a minimum pit-time dependent on how well you'd kept the air flowing, to balance against the benefit of running a draft, but...

If HCP has an effect on already joined cars, Route66's suggestion of being able to apply to it individual players would allow me to simulate the effect of the over-heating directly by knobbling each car via restriction. That'd be worth a tinker, definitely Smile

Individual IS_HCP
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