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Website updates
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Website updates
Quite honestly this game needs a new website. It's terribly outdated and nearly impossible to use on mobile. I don't know what the forum is currently, but something like Xenforo or MyBB would provide a better experience for the users in my opinion.

At the very least the site is in desperate need of a mobile interface.
#2 - lucaf
I would like the feature you can "Like" posts of others.
Quote from lucaf :I would like the feature you can "Like" posts of others.

-likes post-

Yea that would be nice.

gonna keep this at the top because honestly it's way overdue.
The LFS website and forum were only updated a couple of years ago. The LFS forum used to use vBulletin but Victor and the team decided to do away with it and rolled out their own forum which has simplified the experience at the expense of a few fancy (essentially unnecessary) features.

To say that updates to the forum and website are 'overdue' is daft, both are still fit for purpose. That said, I wouldn't be against a mobile site though, at least for the forum. It shouldn't be too hard to throw in a few media queries to make the forum more user friendly on mobile.
#6 - Racon
The forum fitting perfectly on a phone would be great, but it's been mentioned many times already. It's already usable in landscape with a bit of zoom/scroll fiddling. Not perfect, but my test is if it's less ball-ache than using a phone's touch keyboard to type, and it passes that easily.

Other than that, what is it that you want to see? I'm struggling to think of something useful that isn't already here, or on LFSWorld. Maybe a tap into the lobby? Some little "10 people are ready to race" counter on the website, so that you don't have to fire LFS up to check, so that people can check more often and end up with more hits. I dunno, does anyone use the lobby? I just race by myself until someone joins, I ain't spendin' no racin' time waitin' Big grin

Liking posts/people is nice but, counter-intuitively, keeping scores tends to lower the bar on post quality when people get caught up in trying to 'win' the forum. Any old crap is worth posting if you're jonesing for some internet points, apparently Smile

PS: Pre-made forums are shockingly bad under the hood, BTW. I'm sure they've changed it since (because they haven't disappeared), but last I looked vBulletin was using eval() to do some things. Eval!? There are no family-friendly words that can define that decision accurately. Taped Shut

PPS: Don't bump threads just to keep your opinion in people's faces, that's really bad form. I dare say there's also a rule against it.

PPPS: Top job Victor, IMHO as a webdev Thumbs up
You don't need to build a complete new website for it to be responsive. Switching over to another platform won't magically fix that. It's like switching to DX12 won't magically make your graphics nicer.

Anyway, making the forum and site responsive should be an easy task to do. It's 2018 etc.
Quote from lucaf :I would like the feature you can "Like" posts of others.

Funny enough, this feature was implemented when the forums were still on vBulletin, but due to the nature of abuse it had, it was removed.
Quote from Racon :Other than that, what is it that you want to see?

It's not really more features that are needed, but just a more modern and eye catching design in general. It all just seems a bit outdated.

That said, I could probably figure out some custom CSS rules that would solve the mobile issue! Maybe they will get used who knows.
Mocked up a rough style that works on mobile devices. It fixes the top navbar icons (notifications, user profile, etc) not being visible. It allows everything to fill the entire page (instead of the min-width max-width method it used before) and a bunch of the buttons are larger and easier to press.

Not tested on a mobile device yet but I will momentarily. Screenshots attached.
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Tested on android using Firefox. It could be better but it's a start. At least I can access everything on the website without having to zoom in/out.
Nice work fella, I'll give it a go on chrome next time I get a spare 5 minutes Smile
Maybe we could get the web dev to take a look at this thread? :o

Website updates
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