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New menu background and car preview screen
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New menu background and car preview screen
I got inspired by the new images and decided to use them as menu background. Heart

Optimized for 16:9 and 16:10 screen resolutions:

Alternative version (delete bkg_setup.jpg and rename bkg_setup_alternative.jpg to bkg_setup.jpg):

Alternative version (delete bkg_multi.jpg and rename bkg_multi_alternative.jpg to bkg_multi.jpg):

Updated car preview screen -
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LFS Updated - 7.3 MB - 193 views
#2 - lucaf
Amazing Smile
this is nice Smile
But you do not use the Aston snapshot ????
Big grin Big grin
Thanks! I'm happy you like it!
Quote from Flotch :But you do not use the Aston snapshot ????
Big grin Big grin

Oh, i really tried many combinations, but it did not look good within the menus or i just failed to fit it. Big grin

Maybe like this (horizontally flipped):

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Thanks a bunch! I'm using some of them now. Big grin

May I ask where you found the very first picture (inverted chicane at Blackwood)? It doesn't seem to be on the progress report page.
Nice lol
Super nice and fresh! Downloading, thank you! Heart LFS
sexier, I like it ! Smile
Thumbs up
I will certainly be downloading this tonight, thanks!
Wow!! I prefer the 1st car preview version, though all three are good. These look so good, that Im kinda not anymore so impatient for the graphic update release, I feel I almost have it now Omg omg omg Rofl
Thanks, I'm glad you all like it! Smile

The full size screenshots used:

And some unused:

The rest are in the attached files if someone want to look at them. Big grin
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unused - 15.5 MB - 57 views
Great job Evolution_R.
Entry BKG is so sweet. It gives completely new feel to the good old menu. Smile

One thing I can ask is to made backgrounds slightly higher to fit also 16:10 screens. Or at least please make unused background space black instead of white.
Thank you for the feedback!
I converted the unused white space to black and increased the vertical size by generating some texture.
Please try the updated backgrounds - (I think Big grin) they are now compatible with 16:10 resolutions as well.
Had to create a new setup background so it can fit better with 16:10 - just rename bkg_setup16-10.jpg to bkg_setup.jpg or bkg_setup_alternative16-10.jpg to bkg_setup.jpg.
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Now it is a lot better. Thank you. Smile
WOW Amazing Smile
Size doesn't have to be 2048x2048.
I tried 3840x3840 to preserve quality and it worked too!

Still can't find a way past JPEG compression...
Yeh, but what about the loading time?
At 2048x2048 there is a noticeable delay.
If you want I can upload the highest quality - the ones I post are Quality 5 (Medium) Baseline Optimised.

EDIT: Just tried 3840x3840 and the delay between menus is HUGE. Big grin

New menu background and car preview screen
(19 posts, started )