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Cant speed up
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Cant speed up
Hello there!

Just got LFS to run with the Oculus Rift and it looks amazing.
Unfortunately something weird happens. I keep the gás pedal at 100% (the rev keeps high) and the car speeds up really slow, to a maximum of like 60km/h. Almost if its not having contact with the track, but i have FF, Logitech G920 wheel and Th8a shifter, all configured and working.
ANyone got any idea what can it be?
Thanks in advance!
Which car are you using?
Maybe upload a mpr or spr so we can see what is hapening.
If it's happening in FBM, it could be because the cluch is overheating - press F9 and check the "CT" indicator. That would explain the high revs and slow speeds. The solution is to lift off the throttle without using the clutch when upshifting in FBM.
Only logical solution would be the thing Flame said. If you upload replay maybe we could help!

Cant speed up
(5 posts, started )