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New Hardware
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New Hardware
Bit out of touch, I think my last post was in 2005!
I stopped playing LFS cos life got in the way but now, 13 years later, I plan to build a new PC for LFS (+ a few others) and a VR headset.

I have a mining PC chassis with an ATX board I wish to convert into a kick-ass sim-driving PC.
Six 1070's but I will only load two! he he..

What is the OPTIMUM/ SUB-OPTIMUM chipset/cpu for gaming on an ATX form these days and what to avoid? I will also be playing some more demanding cpu wise games so not just for LFS.
SSD drives better than HD I assume for access times. As I said, bit out of touch.

#2 - lucaf
I know nothing about optimum, but my current HW is i5 4460, 8GB DDR3, GTX 1050. With this I play succesfully LFS (with one screen, I believe more screens would run aswell), Assetto Corsa and Raceroom.

Welcome back to LFS
Quote from " :SSD drives better than HD I assume for access times.

Yes,but these are just load times,no effect on framerate. I also have LFS installed on SSD - loads older tracks close to instantly,newer tracks up to 5 seconds.
That's the only part I can answer. Shrug
If you want a kickass gaming machine for the latest games then SLI 1070's with VR sounds good. VR ATM has pretty high requirements so given an unlimited budget that should work. ( Best 1070 price in NZ ATM is 800.00 EACH...)

I find that a i5 3570 with 16 Gig ram and a 970 works well for me with most games and gives a very playable framerate even in Rome 2.

SSD's are great for games that call on the HD frequently, I use one for the OS, one for games like the latest Total War type games and Dirt Rally, Automobilista, etc and an older Velociraptor for Skyrim and Kingdom Come, RSRBR etc.

A standard HD is fine for Civ #, LFS, and other games that are not time critical.

An SSD makes the biggest difference to games, but it's most noticeable with those that are frequently loading additional data.

LFS runs on a potato if you don't want VR, It's not multi threaded so any decent single core processor runs it as as well, if not better, than the latest processors. To get the 'best' LFS performance you want good single core rather than multi core performance. 'Perhaps' the soon to arrive update may change this but I've seen nothing to suggest LFS will be going multicore 'soon'

New Hardware
(4 posts, started )