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Test Patch 0.6R8 DCon
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Test Patch 0.6R8 DCon
Noticed on dcom R9 airio isn't working
Its called dcon (dedicated console).
typo Smile
And airio works on R9
Hosts still online and available with new patch?
Yup, all working fine with the new patch client and dcon patches.
So far so good
All is working good for our servers no problems noticed on the MRc servers
Cant find how to do it on the hosting admin panel. Only allows 0.6r
When will remote work again?
Dcon R21 was working nice till 4-6-2018 Server rejected everyone who tried to connect.

Jun 04 20:14:48 › FasTLT : JOOS - OBJS
Jun 05 10:14:43 › empaty : JOOS - OBJS
Jun 05 20:19:48 › nou_1989 : JOOS - OBJS
Jun 05 21:05:59 › FasTLT : JOOS - OBJS
Jun 05 23:00:52 › derinus : JOOS - OBJS
Jun 05 23:03:24 › dadas8 : JOOS - OBJS
Jun 05 23:12:15 › sergiomartin : JOOS - OBJS
Jun 06 07:25:44 › ZEUSfdp : JOOS - OBJS
Jun 06 07:28:33 › juanpablo : JOOS - OBJS
Jun 06 07:34:19 › nico014 : JOOS - OBJS
Jun 06 10:14:50 › ZEUSfdp : JOOS - OBJS
Jun 06 16:52:49 › rc-maus : JOOS - OBJS

All are regulars Frown

What is meaning JOOS - OBJS ?

Never saw this before and reboot server solved it.
JOOS = Join Out Of Sync
OBJS = Objects

JOOS OBJS presumably means that a layout was loading whilst players were attempting to connect, or something went out of sync whilst the layout was loading for that client.

This happens occasionally and is unlikely to be linked to this test patch.
Strange there is no special layout for that track.

Anyway thanx
Checking log file I also see few times

Jun 04 18:22:00 Emergency send

Never seen that before
'Emergency send' shows in the DCON exe window when you change tracks... dunno if that's the only thing that triggers it, or even what it is, but if the dates match up with a track change then there shouldn't be a need to panic Wink
Track changes many times at our rotate server searching log file Emergency only showed just before problems.
Today I found out Emergency only send in log when custum track is called.

think mbutcher was right Smile
pls support ipv6 address! no ipv4 because my router is newest only ipv6 i can't make dedicated server Frown

Test Patch 0.6R8 DCon
(20 posts, started )