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Either car setup REALLY gives huge advantage or...
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Either car setup REALLY gives huge advantage or...
...servers are ridden with cheaters. Barely noticeable, but gives them 2-3 sec on a lap.

I started this straight segment with 110, reached 214 max.
other guy, started 104, reached 218 at the same point of track.

P.S. Just like bodybuilding: no one use steroids, but everyone's juiced )) a miracle
#2 - lucaf
Nothing new. If admins are awake, they will ban speed-hack users. Depending on what server you use, you may contact admins via their web page and send race replay including cheat user.

If you see it happening on MRc servers, you can report cheaters here
As you know, you can save replays by pressing "2" and they will be stored in your lfs/data/mpr folder.

First just make sure its a speed hack. Notice that one can be faster than you with better exit speed + draft.
Hard to judge from these pics but he might have just got a good exit from the chicane and if you combine that with a low downforce setup he will have good straight line speed.
yeah, had a good exit but.. 6 kph slower. and im counting when we both already started a straight line.
Quote from lucaf :Nothing new. If admins are awake, they will ban speed-hack users.

well, its very subtle and i admit it barely distinguishable. Almost all top guys shows this behavior, so its either setup or...
We both already was moving straight for some meters before the segment start point, i have 6km\h greater speed, but he has a better exit? really?
#6 - delis
Doesn't seem like the guy is cheating or anything. He may be generally a better or more experienced driver.
And top speed could differ of either gearbox settings, aerodynamics etc. Practice and good setup may help you in future as 150 laps (and 5+ sec off WR) you've done in the combo isn't much.
well, i do not come here with the attitude "people faster than me, so they must be cheaters". Just some simple questionable statements. Exit at higher speed, straight line, etc. What can be done wrong? I know im bad at arcing, but straight line.. c'mon.
Though im completely satisfied with the answer that setup matters more than i thought.

Edit: btw, just checked, pro AI doing 1:16:something this track. Also thats my best result (probably my "something" > than AI's but still Smile ). So basically humans pulling 1:13 lap after lap performing much better than a robot. Faith in humanity regained Smile
Cheaters are pretty easy to detect (lag they cause) i don't recomment speed hacks, the few race servers that there are will perm ban you.

And many guys play lots off years.... Many times seem impossible now but in time u can make them perhaps Wink
My best lap online in the FBM @ BL1 was a 1:13.71. That was about 10 years ago, and it wasn't a super fast time then.
I dont remember anytime reaching 218 there(old blackwood).Maybe my memory serves me bad. But looking at this pictures he has better exit line than you do and most good racers get wider exit in T1 so that they can get better entry into chicane thats how is properly done.. Maybe you went trough chicane slower its even trickier then on old blackwood.
FBM Blackwood setups are known to have very little downforce. Hell with the help of slipstream you can reach 220kmh just before the backstraight braking point. Gearshift is also a major play. Stick too long near the red and you'll lose torque. If you happen to be using mouse you can try preloading the gear by holding the upshift button. Then when you are ready all you have to do is release the gas and the next gear will be selected. Just remember to reset your upshift finger (releasing and pressing the button again)
I can do 1:11s just like most of the top guys. We just about reach 218kph at the end of the backstraight. It's not hacks, it's just good exit off turn 1 and non-default setup gearing.
I've ever hit 218.7 before braking before, based on LFSLazy readings.

Default set up top speed down the back straight is 215 at most. Not unusual. Just get a good setup in-server or through LFS Setup pages.
All depends of:

1) Racing Line (Where to brake, where to accelerate, where not to accelerate too much, how aggresive you should point the car into the corner, etc etc)
2) How Aggresive/Confident the player is with corners
3) Last but not least, a setup with correct gearing, downforce, suspension and etc, plus knowing when to shift up, when to shift down and @ what RPMs you should shift, what gear you should be in corners (generally it's 2nd gear in T1, and 3rd on the rest of the corners -last corner could be 4th even. But some setups have this "swapped", where instead of 3rd, they use 4th, and instead of 2nd they use 3rd).
[Shortly: A good setup]
Also Engine Brake is common knowledge if you are into racing (be it professional, casual or w/e)
4). Thousands of practice, just like anything. In my prime FBM racing I got into really low 1:13s, almost scratching 1:12s (on normal BL, not Historic). Even if I have like 2k laps with FBM, its still a highway to learn more about it ^^

Also bear in mind about slipstream when racing
oh, i've got where some misunderstanding might come from. Thats historic blackwood, there is no chicane, we both driving a STRAIGHT line from the first screenshots.
I believe you should attach the replay for experts to see and analyse.
I've just tested whether I can reach that speed, and yes, even without any practice and using keyboard I reached 218 at that point (coming from 99 after T1). Sure, the setup was tailored to top speed (stiff suspension, gearing, no downforce, locked diff) but it's not impossible.

I can only assume that your higher T1 exit speed might be related to the diff - if the clutch pack is set to a lower value the inner wheel might spin, causing the speed shown to you be higher than you actually are.
Given your PB i'd say it's just a combination of better driving and MAYBE more slippery setup Smile
Also i doubt the 4kmh difference by the end of the straight gives you 2 secs a lap, a few tenths sure, but not that much.
Ibtasim's post has got a couple of good pointers.

practice, practice, practice

In Historic, it is possible defintiely, to reach 218 easily. Get a non-stock setup from someone and try it yourself. With practice 218 is hit every single time.
In BL normal (chicane) I can hit 217 if I get the chicane perfect. So it's nothing that's too impossible, definitely not hacks or exploits.
I am not too good on kph to mph conversion but if im right that it is 135mph then thats normal speed, ive done 30.000 laps on historic with fbm and had done over 60.000 laps on the old bl1 fbm and always achieved that speed
Quote from jackson93 :I believe you should attach the replay for experts to see and analyse.

This. You could save a replay of you doing a few laps so we can see your driving and etc.

Quote from justadroover :oh, i've got where some misunderstanding might come from. Thats historic blackwood, there is no chicane, we both driving a STRAIGHT line from the first screenshots.

216km/h-217km/h is easily reachable on both Blackwood configs, with and without chicane.

Edit: Also bear in mind that more fuel=more weight. For 4 laps its best to use 7%, or 8% as max, if you think you need 1% more.
EDIT2: (Discard Edit1) 4 laps is 6% fuel as Nova corrected me. My maths are rusty, just like the Volkswagen.
4 laps is 6% fuel @Ibtasim
Quote from MicroSpecV :4 laps is 6% fuel @Ibtasim

With mid 12 lap times you can get away with setting 5 fuel
I'll hit 217 at the end of the main straight consistently, but my setup's gearing is tailored toward exploiting slipstreams as much as possible. With a perfectly executed 2-car draft I can hit 226 before braking for the corner. If I wound 6th gear down a bit I'd hit 218 easily, but I wouldn't have anything extra for overtaking.
The setup and the driver's experience play a big part in lap times. It's just his skill.

Either car setup REALLY gives huge advantage or...
(24 posts, started )