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Wheel setup upgrade - What should I buy?
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Wheel setup upgrade - What should I buy?
Ok, so, I'm currently using a Logitech Driving Force GT. I've been using it for eight years now and it has worked perfectly. Now I just feel like it's time to upgrade to a new wheel setup that I can use another eight years.

My budget is about 400€ and I wouldn't really want to buy a second hand setup. I've been thinking about buying a setup that has H-shifter and clutch pedal, but the only one that fits in my budjet is Logitech G29 since I also have to buy a Wheel Stand Pro (100€) to use the wheel.
I have also been thinking about the Thrustmaster T300RS. The price is same as G29 without shifter, about 300€, but from what I've heard the quality of the pedals isn't that great and the stock pedals don't come with clutch. The servo base and wheel seem to be higher quality than the G29. Also, the TH8A shifter for the T300RS is quite expensive.
There are also different setup versions of the T300RS. The base setup costs 300€. The Gran Turismo setup, with GT-logo wheel and T3PA pedals costs 390€. The Ferrari Integral setup, with Ferrari 599XX Evo wheel and T3PA pedals cost 400€.

What are your opinions about the G29 and T300RS? Would it be "too big" of a leap to jump from 100€ DFGT to 400€ T300RS setup since I'm not a professional that drives simulators every night? And sorry about the long post. Big grin
#2 - lucaf
Haven't tried T300RS.

I found 2nd hand G29 (actually G920 but its the same thing) in very good condition and paid bit more than 200€ (with shifter). I'm not also a professional driver, and this was my first wheel, got familiar with it in 2-3 days.

I think this was definitely worth the ~200€ but difficult to say would I pay 400 for this. Maybe you should find friends who own both wheels and go to have test drive?

I have been able to set up this also for other sims. The G29 has a weird brake pedal implementation, you can find out more by youtubeing "g29 brake pedal fix".

Gigantti is btw selling G29 with price of 199€ ...."TARJOUS PÄÄTTYY SU 10.12" be fast! Smile
If you can find a second (or third) hand G27, I would recommend it. I've had mine for almost a decade and it's still going strong. The only maintenance I've had to do on it was cleaning the pedal potentiometers with some contact cleaner, and they've worked flawlessly ever since.
Thanks for the replys!

I've been doing some research and I'm actually leaning towards the T30RS Ferrari Integral setup. You get the T300RS servo base, 110€ T3PA pedals and 180€ F599XX Evo wheel rim for 400€. That is prerty good deal if you ask me.
I think 300€ for the G29 ("rebranded" G25) is a bit too much. I mean by paying "only" 100€ more you can get so much more. Belt driven FFB, Ferrari licenced 30cm Alcantara rim and quality set of pedals that beat G29 pedals hands down. Shrug

Thank you lucaf for letting me know about that Gigantti sale! Big grin 200€ for the G29 makes it a lot more appealing but still after reading and watching some reviews I still feel like it's a "toy" compared to Thrustmaster products.
I had exactly same problem as you like one year ago. I had (still have) 8 years old DFGT, wanted something better, and i even had the same budget. I was also considering G29 or T300 alcantara edition. Well IMO G29 is overpriced/outdated. T300 is great wheel. I've read tons of reviews and users feedback about it. Finally i came to conclusion that T300 gives great feeling, a lot better than any logitech. But it has some serious durability problems. Most ppl complain, that during 2 years of warranty, they have several failures. Also Thrustmaster doesn't make it easy, and each time your T300 fails, it's like 1-2 months without it, since you have to answers dozens of questions before they even accept your warranty request. Having that in mind, you have to acknowledge that T300 is most probably a wheel for only 2 years, until the warranty ends, then you will have to buy something else, or spend extra money on repairs. Also there was few opinions that T300 loses some of it smoothness, response and strength after 1-2 months of use, so after that it still feels good to use it, but not that good as when it was brand new. Users says that it also have problems with overheating (it's probably connected with T300 losing smoothness).
Don't get me wrong, it's not like T300 is total crap. Theres also ppl that are happy with it, and didn't had any durability problems, but still theres a risk.

Now i myself decided, that i will not risk buying Thrustmaster, since belt driven wheels are already the past, and direct drive is future. I just thought i will wait for DD wheels to be maybe less expensive and during this time save some more money for it. So im still with DFGT but not long left, since i've found this
for $388 (preoder price) you're getting:
DD wheel (12Nm servo motor), pedals that have clutch and loadcell brake, 2 rims (F1 and GT styled). Ofc it have some downsides.
First we don't know much about it, but we know it will be smallest and lightest DD wheel (it can be good and can be bad), it will also be the weakest (DD wheel), but 12Nm is still a lot for a sim wheel. It's not yet produced on global scale, so we basically know nothing, except parameters. It can turn out shit, or worse durable than thrustmaster. Also you will probably need a wheelstand, and they will start shipping it on may, so still half a year of waiting.
So risk is pretty high, but i just wanted to let you know there's other options than G29 or T300. I decided to take the risk, and even if i will not like it, i still have a chance to sell it without any loss. Considering i will preorder it for $388, and the final price in may will be $770, it shouldn't be a problem to sell it for $400-$500.

Wheel setup upgrade - What should I buy?
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