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Your drag records..
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Your drag records..
In this topic you can share your best times. Please write with which car you made the record.

My record with FZ50: 11:81

Please do not blame me for not having a license. xD
Do you also go to police boasting how fast your stolen car is? Uhmm
#4 - BeNoM
Why are you crack users so silly? xDDddDdD
No blame here - just mocking.

I blame the parents...
*cracks LFS*
"Ama go post my cracked LFS gameplay on Official LFS Forums, nothing could go wrong".

I really don't know if they do this on purpose (which I think they do), or just a special type of people. Can't help but semi-laugh at these type of threads.
Oh man...
Very pro
I have always laughed at you like you. Write in the forums with many mocking words and think smart. As I have no right to write because I'm a "demo" player delete my topic no need to make me interesting. I wish you health and happiness
Its agains rules (or even common sense?) to post Licenced content with a demo account.
Quote from AGTMAX :As I have no right to write because I'm a "demo" player

Yes,you have right to post stuff here,but only about something you can legally access.
If you would have posted questions about FBM or other demo car,asking for advice how to be quicker in Blackwood and similar stuff - you would be very welcomed and helped with advice. Here are many nice guys and very helpful too.
Instead you come here,pose with stolen content you have not payed for and expect being handled as a friend. No,it does not work that way here. It's like downloading windows from torrents site and call Bill Gates and say "hey,man,I stole your work,nice job by the way,fancy to exchange experience?".
Noone is mocking because you are demo,everyone is mocking because you are a cracker.
I'm not guilty of having a way to play for free. When this way is removed as it did with Pereulok, then I will give money for the game. I play the game from 2009 and I do not think I can give money until I can play for free. Whether you have bought a game or playing without money, there is no difference. Even if you buy a game does not mean you know more or you are better.It's about the attitude and the upbringing of the people in the forums, in what I see I understand that many people think they have a game of play and have achieved something in life. This topic did not make me advertise my videos or something. I have 2 subscribers in the youtube for god behave like little children this is my opinion. I stop writing in this forum. I know there are many people who understand it. They will only connect with them all others wish them all their good and success in life.
So, in other words of this attitude: "I can not buy this product until I can't find a way to steal it."

Come on man! Join us! Smile
Quote from AGTMAX :you behave like little children

So I suppose you're an adult. May I ask what do you do for living? I mean - what's your job?
He'll get one when they stop paying him unemployment benefit, sheeesh! Taped Shut
Go jump from cliff
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Your drag records..
(16 posts, closed, started )