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RB4 - Nascar Bobby Labonte #18 (Finished)
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RB4 - Nascar Bobby Labonte #18 (Finished)
hello guys, i have no much experience with skins, any can do a Chevy Monte Carlo Labonte's 1999/2000 Skin for RB4?

Wel.. i found a Nascar Heat textures xD

I remap the car and i made a skin with some editions to made a nascar on 3D Render xD


WIP of the high quality

3072x3072 skin


High quality stickers, if you want i upload here (attachment)

INGAME (LFS 0.6H) (i use 6H because have no errors about shadows)

RB4 - Nascar (Wallpaper request) by MACEDO., no Flickr

If any adm see this post, plz move it for right topic, i made this skin anyway xD
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#3 - lucaf
That looks really good!
Love those renders!

RB4 - Nascar Bobby Labonte #18 (Finished)
(4 posts, started )