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New BL invisible wall?
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New BL invisible wall?
In the pit lane, there's a few doors with invisible walls around them. I discovered the bug when exiting pits.
please upload mpr Smile
there are few bugy places with invisible walls (will upload pics whe i get home Smile)
How long till you get home? It's been a looooooong time...
oh sorry i forgot about it

pictures from 1 to 4 are invisible wall releated

pictures after 4th are releated to buggy places Smile (there are porbably more i know but i can't remember all )

Also there are much more bugs but they are hard to explain or show on forum if you want me to show you some bugs (most likely on blackwood) contact me in game Smile

and if you ask what is this car? the answer is guite complicated to say the least it's something like monstertruck with interesting properties it climb a the red/white barier (which you can place or it's behind pits in bl to block you from parking lot) and it can climb sooo smoothly over cars, but if you hit the car with guite some speed both of you get send to narnia 300+ km/h Smile

if you ask how can you get it well there is answer it's not soo easy nearly imposible, you can get it by only teleporting/restarting on specific place without repairing damage Smile climbing over wall small warp (when you hit car with speed but not as bad)

#EDIT sorry for a bit of offtipic
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Pic 1: I think the wall is there on purpose to avoid going OOB, hence even in this Blackwood, beyond that point there isn't too much to drive onto. Also one of those "emergency services" openings;
Pic 2: Misplaced collision;
Pic 3: Non-collision mistake;
Pic 4: That is suppossed to follow the railing, to avoid ppl from getting inbetween so easily (altho that can be done with a wheelie setup);
Pic 5: Supossed to be those "emergency services" openings, except this one doesn't have any barrier nor col wall;
Pic 6: That is an old bug, was doable in old Blackwood too. And that also happens with other spots too, like f.e. Blackwood Estate rocks in building's yards;
Pic 7: Non-col mistake;
Pic 8: Same as Pic 5;
Pic 9: Not that much of a "bug" imo, nor something to be worried about/need to get fixed.
Gyazo 1: Just LFS physics
Gyazo 2: Again LFS physics

New BL invisible wall?
(6 posts, started )