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Blackwood Open Config
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Blackwood Open Config
Hi folks. Is the Blackwood open config just for S3 license? I have S2 but don't see the option for it.
Try X or Y option in map menu Smile They are open confings different in Pit direction, if you use one in layout.
Ah thanks, didn't see those. Just had a quick look about Smile

Another quick Q. Checking a youtube video I see a user turn left from his pit box then left again and goes through some tunnels - but I just end up in the car park. Is this a different config? Or other pit boxes??
pasibrzuch is right. Note that S1 is needed, but as you are S2 : no problem !

edit : to answer your second post, isn't this Westhill that is having the tunnel close to pitboxes ?
Thanks a lot, gotcha Smile

Blackwood Open Config
(7 posts, started )