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[REQUEST]Layout script
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[REQUEST]Layout script
Good night / day, I come to publish since I need if someone could make me a script so that LFSLapper change the layout of the server every X time and also I would like to know if it is possible to have LFSLapper change the layout of the server every X time

From now I thank all the help they have given me and they still continue to give me!
Have a look in the thread with all my scripts and then focus on 'Schedule' and Set Schedule' scripts.
Those can be used to change track, at a given date, but it wouldn't be too hard to figure out to change layout every X time if you take these scripts for inspiration.
I have seen and created things with the "Schedule" but I was wondering if it would be possible to change the layout, not the track

Thanks for replying Yisc!
Yes, changing layouts is possible using any schedule.
Could you make me a code to change layout in X time please? To guide me as it does ...

Thank you very much for answering all my doubts and requests Yisc!
As said, it's the same as shown in the schedule script.
Instead of changing track, you need to load a layout:

cmdLFS("/axload [name of layout]");
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[REQUEST]Layout script
(6 posts, closed, started )