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Convert your vQ BL3 layouts to vR BL4
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#1 - Racon
Convert your vQ BL3 layouts to vR BL4
I've made a script that can convert BL3 layouts from version Q to version R BL4X. I've traced the old fence with a concrete wall which is added automatically, so if your layout used the outer fence as a barrier, the concrete wall will fit perfectly.

There're some limits though. The version R ground in not flat, whereas version Q was. I've made the converter follow the height of the ground, but that doesn't help with some concrete layouts.

In order to keep the ground flat, I can also convert to AU1, but old BL3 doesn't quite fit. Another problem with AU1 is that the ground is at level 0, whereas the old BL3 is around 7 metres high. Any layout that has concrete below ground level will have that concrete raised.

I was planning to make this an exe to post here, but can't now (the compiler I'd intended to use has limitations that prevent it, and the only program that'll do it is not free), so I'll just offer to do it manually:

Post your old BL3 layouts here and I'll convert them and post them back.

Results will vary, depending on layout Wink

I've used a banger track as an example of the problems:

Original NZStox - not the small slope at the base of the outer walls:

NZStox in BL4X - those steps in height map make some vicious spikes out of those slopes:

Closer view of the conrete infield, here you can see the slopes better and the 4 distinct steps:

NZStox in AU1 - everything's the same height so no more catchy bits, but alas, the small slope was really a large slope that was sunk into the ground, and the AU ground is as already low as you can go:

Wide view of NZStox layout in BL4X:

Wide view of NZStox layout in AU1 - note how the grass and the corner intrude:
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Convert your vQ BL3 layouts to vR BL4
(1 post, started )