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How to make more FPS?
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How to make more FPS?
For more fps try putting textures on low res and car helmet skins on compressed, also putting low screen resolution can help a bit.
#3 - BeNoM
Changing texture resolution and size wont increase FPS unless he's maxing out his VRAM.
Textures on low,and it should run better.
Take in consider that you run it on integrated graphics card..
You got s2 so go on servers with older tracks (that aren't that much graphic intensive) like autocross,fernbay etc
There is no complicated way of saying this so I say it the easy way; buy a different laptop which can actually perform. "HD Graphics" is useful for Youtube and that is about it. First three generations do not do anything.
Dust/user LOD to minimum, and lower screen resolution.
Ouchie, what you have is a pre-Sandy Bridge CPU with an integrated GPU. You didn't mention what FPS you are getting or if it suddenly got worse but I'd guess that besides making sure that your laptop isn't overheating there isn't much you can do. Especially the new Westhill or Rockingham are probably just far too taxing for the kind of hardware you have.
And that 'plays' MS Flightsim 2004 ????
I'm impressed.

How to make more FPS?
(9 posts, started )