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BL1X The Long and Winding Road
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BL1X The Long and Winding Road
Currently making a new layout - BL1X The Long and Winding Road.

It's supposed to look like a mountain road.

Although it's a Work in Progress, decided to put it on my server (Sin'rs), and work on it there.

Made a video of the lap while working out the length of the track - over 4 miles, which is almost 7,000 metres.

If you do decide to visit the server, you may find me there working on the layout.

Not sure I'll have enough objects to put sides to the road, and as road is up in air, possible that you can fall off if you try the layout.

I've actually fell off few times by hitting wall too hard, and tumbling over.

One of the vagaries of the LFSLapper insim that I use, is that it will not save any laps over 5 minutes long into its database, so if you do a lap, and it's longer than that, then it won't show when you look at the Top times, although if you take longer than 5 minutes, and you do complete lap, your drift scores will be saved.
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Just finished one of the walls right round the track - the high one on the left, that's meant to look cliff like.

Other side, with lower concrete walls, armco and some tyre stacks, is maybe quarter done; long way from being finished.

There are some floating overhead direction marker boards to help navigate round.

I won't be available to work on the layout again till early next week, so layout will stay 'as is' for next few days.

Be aware that if you complete a lap, and your time recorded in the top 12 on front screen, it will be wiped when I update layout. However, any times under 5 minutes will be saved by my InSim, so you can look at the !top times.

Drift scores: Regardless of time taken to get round, a complete lap will mean that any score will also be recorded/saved.

There are currently about a dozen drift scores saved, the highest just over 9,200, recorded by Willi.
Start a solo thread just for your layouts! It'll be better mate

And nice layout as usual Thumbs up
Really nice layout.

The 5 min laptime thingy is on my Lapper Todo List.

EDIT: i managed to set the max laptime to 30 min. Laptimes below 30 min will not be stored in the database.
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Finally finished the layout, which I've attached in 1st post.
Amazing, you can't take a break while driving. Excellent. 10/10.
Quote from JALKMFE :Amazing, you can't take a break while driving. Excellent. 10/10.

Glad you liked it Thumbs up

Made a slightly shorter track @ 6,290 metres / 3.1 miles, against original long track length of 6,927 metres / 4.3 miles - so 10% shorter. Removed some of the difficult hairpin turns (which I struggled with using keyboard).

Because it's shorter, used extra objects to put painted lines in centre of track in some corners.
Really looks like a nice track to drift on will deffo be tryung this when i get my new pc

BL1X The Long and Winding Road
(8 posts, started )