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Lapper To-do and Wish lists
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#1 - Krayy
Lapper To-do and Wish lists
Hi guys,

Here's a forum so that we can track feature requests and progress for Lapper itself and any .lpr addons. Hopefully this will augment things like change logs and also allow for a place where people can make specific feature request. Then I can put them into the top thread here and track how we're going implementing them. So post your requests and if they get onto the list, we'll see how we go.

Note: I'm off on holiday for a week so will get back to the forum after that, with first cab of the rank being fixing pitboard.lpr so that it works correctly.

Lapper features
+ Implement full track pathing if the .pth files are available to track if racers are on/off track and positioning
+ Split racer data into connection/player to support AIs
+Cannot load lapper as a guest (while in a server) on a local computer, only as a host.

Other requests/Bugs:

Lapper addons
+ Update pitboard.lpr to support Lapper 6.013
+ Make CIF the defacto standard interface and move other modules that use GUIs to use CIF.
My wishlist

- if two players are in the same zone what we decide an automatic countdown starts with start lamps . It would be cool for twin drifting. I attached my countdown what I have just I dont know how to set to run if the 2 players iz in the zone

- a second admin panel where are the players are listed and admin could ban / kick/ spec them with a click. In ban it would be necessary to put a comment why is banned and for how much time to know server admin who is banned by which admin and for how long.

- make route chackers by lapper by the !node command. Whit this feature admins eliminate players who want to cheat at drifting by doing twice a round about.

- to make driftmeter faster, so the scoring and the angle showed in real time by command "for" and "while".

Sorry for my grammar, but I hope you understand what I wrote down !
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Lapper To-do and Wish lists
(2 posts, started )