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GU Downhill - Season #1 2017
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GU Downhill - Season #1 2017

[GU] Events Presents...
Our first official event within Live For Speed S2!
Date: Sat Mar 25th - 6:00PM GMT - 1:00PM USA (Approx) - 7-8PM Europe (Approx)


A downhill duel competition using TBO’s set in a single knockout table. This is a downhill event containing a layout of which we believe will be a lot of fun for many of us. Rounds will be 1 V 1 and the winners will move on to the next stage when suitable. You will be racing down a layout containing many fun, yet somewhat difficult corners and turns. You will need to think strategically and create a setup of which will be uniquely perfect for this layout, giving you the best chance of winning.

In this event, names will be chosen for the knockout table structure. 2 drivers per bracket, 2/3 runs per bracket (Best out of 3), driving down a layout made by Sinanju (edited by Huski & TAZxx).

For the final, there will be a total of 4 runs to decide the winner. If it ended 2 - 2 then there would be a 5th run of which will be the decider.

We will be using a website for the Bracket / Knockout Table structure, the site we decide to use is yet to be announced. - We will announce it here once decided.

We will be streaming the event on our Twitch channel with live commentary. This can be found here: GU Twitch

Prizepool (FOR TC PLAYERS)

1st: 50,000
2nd: 25,000
3rd: 12,500

Donations (FOR TC PLAYERS) :

We will be allowing contestants to donate to the contest if willing to. Any donations will be split between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd podium winners. This will be done in increments of 5000. Whatever is left over from the donations will be split between the rest of the contestants.

Any donations should be sent to: lewis2212

Before donating, please fill out the following form: Donation Form

Awards (For fun)

Closest Race
Biggest Crash
Worst Control
Worst Decision
Best Control
Best Skin
Best Line
Best Numberplate

Awards will be given / announced either on the same day of the event or the day after.


1: No deliberate contact. - If you make OBVIOUS contact to purposely cause your opponent fall off etc then you will instantly be disqualified, resulting in your opponent to automatically win.

2: If you fall off the side then you are “Totaled” - Meaning you lose that one run.

3: No changing car, if you sign up with RB4 then you will use RB4 throughout the event.

4: Teams may sign up and will be positioned depending on their driver's final positions. (Max 2 drivers per team) (However multiple sign-ups from same Team i.e [GU1] + [GU2] is allowed).

5: No car resetting (Or shift+p / shift+s).

6: Any cheating/hacking will result in instant disqualification.

7: Any Admin/Event Organiser decisions are final.

8: All drivers must join our discord during the event in the LFS Voice Channel (Mic not Required). Please use the following link to join: GU Discord

Training Server

Our Training Server will be open around a week before the competition date. This will contain the layout and will be on practice mode to allow contestants to practice as much as they need to. We believe it is important to allow this opportunity.

We will soon release a video preview of the layout. We will try to release this as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest / participation! - GU Staff
Awesome Big grin
Here is a preview of the layout!

what kind of nickname I should put?
Quote from UnknownMaster21 :what kind of nickname I should put?

Hi! For the nickname, please put the name you use in LFS.
Username will be your LFS Username.

Quote from UnknownMaster21 :Understood

Awesome to see you signed up! We will look forward to seeing you there Big grin
Another update on the current status of the event:


SO•Huski - FXO
[GU]Swift - FXO
[GU]R0ut - FXO
[GU-1]Hris - FXO
[GU-1]Wilczek - FXO
[GU-R]Squeeze - FXO
[GU-R]Cyandic™ - XRT
[RDSR] Ross - RB4
[RDSR] Boo - RB4
JoaoCruzDR - XRT
Shoncey - XRT
[HD]Mr.Stealy - XRT
fdg1997 - FXO
betteR - RB4

Current Donation Pool (FOR TC PLAYERS): 63,600

Sorry about double / triple posting etc but I feel that it is the best way to post updates!

Current Status of event:


SOR•Huski - FXO
[GU]Swift - FXO
[GU]R0ut - FXO
[GU-1]Hris - FXO
[GU-1]Wilczek - FXO
[GU-R]Squeeze - FXO
[GU-R]Cyandic™ - XRT
[RDSR] Ross - RB4
[RDSR] Boo - RB4
[CSR] Porsche - RB4
[HD]Foloride - FXO
[HD]• Blue • - FXO
[HD-1]Mr.Stealy - XRT
[HD-1]Vojin - FXO
[HD-2]Poizon - FXO
JoaoCruzDR - XRT
Shoncey - XRT
[TDPL]fdg1997 - FXO
betteR - RB4
Gegg - XRT


Thank you to all of those who have signed up to our downhill event so far!

We will be opening the practice server on the 18th March where the layout will be present. We will post here on the day to remind you all.

To those who have signed up, we will also send you an email letting you know.

We are very happy with the amount of signups so far and look forward to running the event.

Thank you - GU Staff.
I already won Big grin
11 days left! :3
Update on the downhill event! :

Current Participants : 24
Current Donation Pool : 90,000

Thanks! - GU Staff.

Hello! - For all of those who are taking part in the GU Downhill Event, we are happy to announce that...

[GU] Practice Server is now open!

You are able to join the server at any time and practice on the layout. Car reset will be on for practice, but please remember that it will be turned off in the actual event.

The server is running our Downhill InSim, which has been adapted for practice.

We hope you all enjoy practicing for the event!


GU Staff.
Duh, Looks like I am still lonely, darkening star there, ugh... lol

Here is btw quick link lol Tongue [GU] Practice Server!
Quote from UnknownMaster21 :Duh, Looks like I am still lonely, darkening star there, ugh... lol

Here is btw quick link lol Tongue [GU] Practice Server!

Hahaha, well 27 participants are supposedly practicing here and there Smile

Looking forward to the event!

Thanks for the quick link Smile

Hello! - In this post I will be showing you the time plan for our GU Downhill Event. This time plan must be followed by all participants as much as possible.

In terms of connecting to the server, all participants must be there between the server start time (5:00PM GMT) and the Debrief time (5:40PM GMT). This is to ensure that ALL participants are checked in and ready for the event. The 40 minute gap will allow contestants to practice on the layout.

The server will have a password set at 5:40PM GMT. If you are unable to join until 6PM GMT then you must PM me to explain why and must ask for the password to allow you to connect to our server.

The server on the day (25th March - Saturday) will be called [GU] Event Server S2

Below is the time plan for participants:

Current status of the downhill event is as follows:

30 Participants out of a total of 32.

10/30 are using RB4.
9/30 are using XRT.
11/30 are using FXO.

100,000 in the Donation Pool, kindly donated by the following users:

[RDSR] Boo

We are still accepting registrations until we reach 32 participants. Any stats found in this post will be updated when necessary.

This information will also be sent to participant's email addresses.

If you have any questions then please feel free to ask or PM me. We also have a email which you can get in contact with if needed. That email is the following:

[email protected]

Thanks! - GU Staff.

Hi All,

We are now announcing that sign ups are now closed! We are expecting a great turn-out tomorrow and have made many preparations to make this event as fun as possible for everyone, whether you are racing, watching our live-stream or a member of our admin staff making sure it all runs smoothly, we hope you enjoy the event as much as we have planning it.


P.S Full list will be updated by Lewis later on this evening!

Hello everybody!

I am very happy that we have managed to have 32 participants for our Downhill Event! We hope that everyone turns up and allows the event to be good fun. Backup drivers will be online just in case if anyone doesn't turn up.

In terms of the event, those who want to watch it take place are able to do so with live commentary over on our Twitch Channel! Our Twitch Channel link is the following:

Gamers United Twitch Channel

The Twitch stream will be starting at approximately 5:30PM GMT Time.

Below are the latest list of contestants:

[GU]Swift - FXO
[GU]R0ut - FXO
[GU-1]Hris - FXO
[GU-1]Wilczek - FXO
[GU-2]MarcaL - FXO
[GU-R]Squeeze - FXO
[GU-R]Cyandic™ - XRT
[GU-R1]Holt - RB4
[RDSR] Ross - RB4
[RDSR] Boo - RB4
[CSR] Porsche - RB4
[TDPL]fdg1997 - RB4
[LCS]Gaz - FXO
Lo°RipstiE - XRT
Lo°Foloride - FXO
Lo-1°• Blue • - FXO
Lo-1°Mr.Stealy - XRT
Lo-2°Vojin - FXO
Lo-2°Poizon - FXO
JoaoCruzDR - XRT
Adam - FXO
Shoncey - XRT
betteR - RB4
Gegg - RB4
AniciHeart - RB4
Dawn - XRT
Willi - RB4
Mystic - XRT
sD-Foxy - RB4
Felipe Jardim - XRT
Guru - XRT

The current donation pool is the following: 100,000

12/32 are using FXO.
11/32 are using RB4.
9/32 are using XRT.

Thank you! - GU Staff.

Hello! - Please remember that the event is taking place today at 6:00PM GMT. You must start checking in at the server ( [GU] Event Server S2 ) at 5:00PM GMT.

Below is the bracket for the event:

You can view the bracket live at the following link along with the stream and other information:

Thanks! - GU Staff.
Really good event! Hope new season come soon! Big grin Big grin
It was a bit too long, make starter brackets as 4-drivers, and 2 will continue.
Thanks for the nice comments!

We will bare that in mind for our next event UnknownMaster21 Smile


The Downhill event was absolutely amazing!- We would like to thank everybody who helped make the event possible and turned up tonight.

Unfortunately, some racers didn't turn up. However, We found some other people who were able to take part instead along with our backup racers!

We would like to specifically thank SO.Huski for helping us with the planning, commentary, and administration of this event.

Below, you can see the end results for the event:

TourneyCup Tournament Link

Congratulations to the following participants:

Angel - 1st Place
MTDZX-UM21 - 2nd Place
[GU-R]Cyandic - 3rd Place

The prizes will be sent to players tonight in TC. The rest of the donation pool left from donations will be divided between the rest of the participants in TC. This will also be done later tonight.

The Awards will be decided tomorrow and will be posted tomorrow too.

We will work on a highlight video to be posted on YouTube and will keep you updated on when this will be made.

The Twitch Stream can be watched back here: GU Downhill Season #1 Stream

Thank you to all of those who participated and made this event extremely fun! It could not have gone better.

Thank you,

GU Staff.
Yes, event was great, and commentary even better Big grin Looking forward for next round, i hope you will be making one Smile

GU Downhill - Season #1 2017
(32 posts, started )