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BL1X Drift Park
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BL1X Drift Park
Another layout for the new Container Park at Blackwood.

Made this one for drifting, and layout has various routes that can be taken, including going round in circles without having to finish a complete lap.

The routes are walled, but as most of the track is about 15 or 16 metres wide, should be room for going round turns sideways. Some of the route goes between containers, so gap lot narrower in these places - maybe you can practise your Ken Block turns there Smile

I would be interested in getting some feedback from any drifter who tries it.

For instance, is it too long, are corners too tight, too spacious, too many turns, not enough turns, etc.

Feel free to make a video of you going round track and posting it here Nod

Not sure if I'll put it on my server - I'd have to put barriers up and route markers in so only single route, which could then be timed / score drift points.


Added pit boxes.
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nice layout, Keep up the good work.

I have load the layout on the '[LFSLapper]Development' server.
So for the one who's interested in driving the layout.
Feel free to join
Just tried it - and found that I should have put some pit boxes in if layout is going to be used online, else you have to SHIFT R to get on track if you don't want to be stuck in the normal blackwood track garages.
Put this on my Sin'rs server, where some times and drift points have been recorded

All my times and scores should easily be beaten, but you might struggle against Willie's ( times.

If you compare my LX6 and FZ5 times against, that'll give you idea of how easy it should be to take my top spots away from me.
Top times and drift scores after 100 completed runs
200 recorded times
After having to get new server host, and long absence, top times and drift scores after 200 recorded lap times ...

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Top 200 Race N Drift 19 Oct 2017.jpg
Top from 220 posted lap times / drift scores
Now 220 recorded times, so top times and drift scores ...

About to change this layout on my Sin'rs server, to one called BL1Y Conundrum, which I've now fully completed, and set some times for.

I made a post at beginning of year about this
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BL1X Drift Park
(7 posts, started )