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Single lap of BL1Y Conundrum (layout wip)
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Single lap of BL1Y Conundrum (layout wip)
Another layout, which I've called 'Conundrum.

Name came about as when making the layout, and trying it out as I was going along, couldn't decide which way I preferred driving it - clockwise or counter clockwise. So, I put a loop in, and you have drive one way, reach the loop, and go round it, then retrace the route you've just driven. Was going to put another loop in, but I mucked things up a bit, and rather than rip down a lot of track I'd built to do the 2nd loop, I put a sort of diversion in not far from start/finish line.

Layout still a work in progress, as I want to do a pit area, and tidy some bits up, see if I need more marker boards, etc.

You'll notice I drove quite badly - still using keys instead of wheel, and couple of times, got confused on which corner was coming up next. Not helped by the fact that the concrete ramps, when placed on the ground of the container park, blend right into the ground, so hard to see the walls, and turns. Old age, mild cognitive impairment and 20/30 vision does not a good driver make!
Added a pit area, and done some tidying up, so layout now looks like ...

Track length is approx. 2.78 miles / 4,470 metres.
looks fun and you do well using keyboard and i would struggle to drive as good with my g27 Smile

Single lap of BL1Y Conundrum (layout wip)
(3 posts, started )