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CVT transmission [checking interest]
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CVT transmission [checking interest]
There's something I have been working on, however, I have not yet decided whether I want to make it into a usable modification - I want to know whether anyone would be interested in such mod,
or not.

What I have made is a transmission modification that simulates a CVT, in 2 modes: economical, where RPM is limited to efficiency sweet-spot, around 3k RPM for various cars - perfect for cruising, and sport, where RPM is held at maximum power if you floor the throttle. Those modes can be switched with a hotkey.

Here's a video that quickly demonstrates how it works:

So, any interest in something like this? :Р
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Grr I'm dumb
Fixed, thanks :ь
Looks good. There are a few questions in my head:

1º- Will it burn your clutch when using automatic transmission/automatic clutch? Specially in efficiency mode ~3k RPM (in my case I use sequential+manual clutch)

2º- Will it be safe to use it online? I think this question will be a FAQ.

Im interested on it tbh. There was a "mod" like this time ago( ) but it isn't CVT iirc and didn't get updated anymore afaik.
1) the clutch in it's traditional sense is gone - ie, it is permanently engaged. Therefore, there is no wear to it whatsoever.

2) I'm afraid not in the current state - a lot of memory editing happens to implement it in a way I did it, which will likely trigger a CPW ban.
cvt or any kind of STALL converter sim would be a huge step!
Was thinking about it earlier and thought to search on this in LFS. You made a pretty good implementation of a CVT as seen from your demo. Are you intending to release this in the future?

One improvement I can think of is truly infinite gear ratios so it can work at any RPM. Keep this work going!
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Hi, I am bery interested in this, been finding the way how to implement cvt in lfs for a long time.

Do you mind share with me how you do this?
This would be interesting!
Definitely interested
That's a shame... Would have been pretty awesome to use as a basis for other mod types...
Execution seems great but the car seems to accelerate much slower than normal when I'd expect a small advantage.
Quote from Bob Smith :Execution seems great but the car seems to accelerate much slower than normal when I'd expect a small advantage.

how do you figure that
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Those figures look good. Perhaps it's not full throttle in the video, as it takes 10 seconds to reach 60km/h and 19 seconds to reach 100km/h. Am sure it's not normally that slow.
what?Big grin
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Quote from scania :I found it in youtube but the download link is 404

This video is mine. I made a program called BRCMulti Tools, what included a CVT gearbox as a tweak option. I also uploaded the same video here to show people what could be done in LFS.

However, god Scawen deleted the thread and sent me a "gently" message to do not upload this kind of shi, i mean thing here, as it can be used for cheating on races, even being impossible to go unnoticed driving at 200KmH with the first gear.

As I'm a criminal in Scawen's mind, and as he don't like modifications in his game like tweaks, feel free to contact me through a particular message, and I can share you the code for your assembly if you want to create this mod again.
Hey quick question, what shaders do you use there?

CVT transmission [checking interest]
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