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Who is the author of this layout?
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Who is the author of this layout?
Because it is awesome

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Glad you like it, although seems very old fashioned compared to what you can do with layouts now, especially with additional objects and types of objects.

It's one of my very old layouts - called AU1 Kris Kros - likely that I used it for a while on one of my Sin'rs servers.

Would have been good to watch collisions in the intersections when lots of people on layout at same time.

Layout attached.

Used same sort of idea for another layout - Windmills of your mind.

Didn't think they were as good as my Scaletrix and Livingston layouts (both names can be found using search function - each had multiple layouts).
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AU1_kris_kros.lyt - 4 KB - 54 views
AU1_Windmills of your mind.lyt - 6.5 KB - 51 views
No idea,but I have this since my old days in LFS... Big grin

Looks same,has still just the original grid.
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I have modified three times of them.

Speaking of which. Am I allowed to modify this Kris Kros? Credits will be stored for ya.

EDIT: It is obvious what kind of layout it would be.
Do what you want with them - that's why I put them in the public domain. No credit required.

All my old layouts could do with being updated anyway, now that's there more and different type of objects.
I lost this layout years ago, glad you posted this Sin'r. Cheers Smile
This layout is amazing for drifting, it is amazing in overall for racing...

...It is NOT amazing to start edit this. HAH! But here we go! --_>
It's really amazing! Big grin Thanks to sinanju for sharing it! Smile

Who is the author of this layout?
(9 posts, started )