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LFS £12 Voucher Giveaway
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LFS £12 Voucher Giveaway
Thanks to UnknownMaster21 i have an extra Voucher, but, i would only be able to use it as a second account, which is a bit selfish to, so i am giving it away! Pop a reply below to win it! i forgot to say i am doing a random draw, yeah, not very organised.......

If you have S3 already then you can't enter Wink

EDIT: I will close this in a week and i forgot to say i am doing a random draw, yeah, not very organised.......
Would be awesome to have S3! Smile
I always wanted the S3. Would be nice to have it.
(Evan H. From CT)
It won't be S3 Frown if you have a demo license it will be S1 you are getting.
Oh, sorry, bit of a noob. Didnt really notice that. Also, I hope that im not cheating by posting twice. Just dont mind this post.
pls gib
Hey nice race though~
S1 for Demo users will be fine
#8 - ab12
Will be nice if i will have S1...
Hello Smile
Yeah everyone want to have free license, mee too, not very much events on S1Smile But if some promising demo player will write here, better pick him. Yes i know you said random, but maybe you will change your mind. Or you could count every demo player that will write here as two applies, just to make it more possible for a demo player to win license, i think they need it more, but that doesn't mean i don't want to take part in that giveaway! Smile

cheers, Anici<3 Smile
Me badam ME!

Skoda - TC City Driving
Give it to a demo user, I think an demo user will be much more happy with it than a licensed guy Smile.
i could put them in twice in the random picker when i draw it!
This would be great to have Smile.
Would be awesome to have S1 Smile
make a video of the draw!
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Okay UM21
I want it! I need S1 Smile
Happy to help with the live draw k_badam, drop me a line if you need anything.
I think i will give OBS a wee test to see if that works, if not i certainly will!
It's good idea to count demo player twice in my opinion too. But if I have an opton I want to win it too as an S3 voucher Smile
It would be nice to get it Smile
Good boy badam, doing good for the community, now i gotta hope that luck is on my side Smile
Winner by random chance! Tongue
Would be nice to move to S3 and try Rockingham <3

LFS £12 Voucher Giveaway
(63 posts, started )