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[LFSLapper] Minigame (Hangman)
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[LFSLapper] Minigame (Hangman)
Hi everyone,

I got bored in LFS so i deciced to create something in LFSLapper.
My idea was to create a minigame named HangMan.

it is far from complete.
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Successful Smile
#3 - Racon
You hung squidward! :/
How do I find the coordinates faster
Quote from developer346 :How do I find the coordinates faster

Is this question related to this topic subject?
If so : Could you explain your question?

Minigame Update:

-Displays Guessed letters.
-Draw hanging squidward peace by peace after every wrong guess.

Things todo:
-Homewindow to set Guessed Word/Hints/category
-Button to guess the word.
-Set strings that contains spaces.
-Show several vars like: Wrong Guesses left/Length of word/Category/Hints etc
-Multiplayer option
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How do I find the quick button coordinator ?
Good job !
After stopped working on this Minigame and because its still a WIP project. Ill upload the script.

Be aware, Its far from finished and has lack on commentary. But the good side is, Its contains only 270 lines, incl the ignored lines. So starting the script and to see what it does, give you a good expaination of the code.

I recommend to use Note++ or EditPlus to edit the scripts.

Go to this topic for some Syntax Highlighting:

Do not forget to change the fileextension to .LPR and adding the script in Addonsused.LPR
I've picked this script up and went on building some features and solved some issues I came across.
There's probably more to do, but right now it's a fully functional game.

All credits to Bass-Driver for this script.

Changelog V1.01:

- Added counter to show how many guesses are left
- When number of guesses reaches 0, game ends
- Raise counter '$HangManMinigameStarted' by 1 when player starts Hangman
- Lower counter '$HangManMinigameStarted' by 1 when player closes Hangman
- Added counter to generate dynamic button ID in Sub 'Hangman'
- Close all buttons on screen when player closes Hangman
- When word is guessed, game ends
- Fixed a bug that showed the correct answer on 2nd game immediately after entering first letter
- Added to show the correct answer when game has ended and player failed to have guessed the word
- Changed eyes of drawn person from o to X when person died (action after final wrong guessed letter
- Made Hangman GUI relative to starting values, so position can be moved more easily
- Made drawing of Hangman relative to starting values, so position can me moved more easily
- Added array with words to be guessed
- Added option to Restart game when word is guessed or when you failed to guess to word

Change the extension of the file to .lpr and add it to addonsused.lpr to be able to use it.
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Nice job with updating this script. Thumbs up

[LFSLapper] Minigame (Hangman)
(11 posts, started )