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Autocross layouts database
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#1 - Lible
Autocross layouts database. Hosts, layouts, sites and guides included! (FINISHED)
This thread is no longer been updated. PM me, if you want to update it.


1. Autocross layouts
- Real Life - Layouts based on real life tracks
- Karting - Karting layouts (both reallife and fantasia)
- On Autocross Areas - Layouts on autocross areas
- On Tracks - Layouts on tracks
- Stunt - Stunting layouts
- Collections - Layouts collections
- Drifting - Drifting layouts
- Other - Layouts not for racing, drifting or stunting
-- Cops And Robbers, City Life
2. Autocross hosts
3. Autocross sites
4. Autocross guides
- Building Layouts
- Installing Layouts

Autocross layouts

Real life:Karting:On Autocross Areas (AU1/BL3/AU2)On tracksStuntCollectionsDrifting:Other:
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#2 - Lible
Autocross hosts

Autocross sites
[url][/url] - You can download layouts from this site's forum, if you're registered forum member.
[url=]LFS Database[/url] - Layouts section on this site, easiest way to download layouts. Unfortunately not finished yet.

Autocross guides

Building layouts
LFS Autocross Editor Instruction Manual

Note : Live for Speed must be unlocked to use the autocross editor.

The autocross editor is accessed by pressing SHIFT+U inside the game.
In there you can save, load and edit layouts, when you turn on the
"place objects" button.

All the editor keys are listed on that screen. The autocross system
works over the internet as well. The host can edit / load a layout
while guests are connected.

To make an autocross layout, you place objects and checkpoints and a
start point. If you don't place a start point, then it will use the
default start grid and will behave like a normal race track. In that
case there will be no time penalties but you will need to place check
points so that laps are timed.

Placing objects : select an object type and place an object by
pressing O. you can adjust the direction (heading) of the object by
using the < and > keys. If you press M with any object selected, it
will move that object to the mouse position, and update it with the
heading that you have set.

Placing checkpoints : you need one finish line and at least one
checkpoint. In effect this defines the circuit, and also gives you
split times at those points. Pressing F or 1, 2, 3 gives you a finish
line or a checkpoint. You can adjust their direction and width in the
same way as you do for objects, by pressing the M key. Checkpoints
are invisible when driving - it is up to the person who edits the
track to make sure the user drives through them, by using cones or
other objects. The W and E keys can be used to set the width of
a checkpoint.

NOTE : direction is important with checkpoints. You must drive over a
checkpoint in the correct direction or no time will be recorded.

A checkpoint looks like a square bracket, and you must drive FROM the
side with the "ends" of the square bracket and over TO the "flat side"
of the square bracket.

Restricted areas and route control :
In "marshall" mode you can place Marshall areas and Route checkers.

Marshall areas are shown by a red circle. If a car enters one of them
in single player, it will receive a 1 minute penalty. In multiplayer
mode, the player will be forced to spectate.

Route checkers are shown by a green circle. Each route checker has a
route index number which is shown near the top right of the screen
when a route checker is selected. Cars must pass through these route
checkers in the correct order, or they will receive a penalty or be
forced to spectate. The route index is automatically generated in the
order the route checkers are created. You can manually edit the route
index by clicking on the route index button.

Controls :
View control - mouse and keys - listed on screen.
Press V to toggle between high and low view.
Viewing the track - press SPACE to turn on or off all the editor
buttons so you can see the track clearly.

Distance measurement : Press D to activate the measuring tool.

LFS - 19 July 2006

You can access this text in your language at LFS\Docs folder, named Autocross_yourlanguage

Installing layouts
Note : Live for Speed must be unlocked for installing autocross layouts.

1. Save/Extract your layout to ...LFS\Data\Layouts.
2. Start LFS, choose your layout's track and go to the track.
3. Press SHIFT+U, you should see autox editing screen, if you don't press space.
4. Press Load layout button on bottom right, and choose your layout.
im not sure what you mean by real, fast, slow, grip/drift.... a lot of those layouts are first gear only. wouldnt that be slow? pretty much any layout is grip/drift. im guessing real means real track recreated which ive done but oyu dont have it up there. =p im kinda confused.
should add park races in there too, i remember when that was a big competition back right before S2 came out, same with sileighty though, whats grip/drift supposed to mean? you already have a drift, how can there be a grip autocross.. with a drift lol

also.. as for fast, i doubt you'll see any of those since the autocross arena... is quite small
well i have a drift layout with a 4th gear turn and the rest 3rd gear. most consider that fast enough. =x maybe i will post it up here i dunno...
Just a little thanks because i was hunting for some layouts, so cheers dude =]
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#7 - Lible
Updated, only 3 pages to go from now

Should i put kart tracks or stunt tracks separate?

And please sticky!
Good question. I think you could see how it goes, if there are a lot of kart or stunt tracks you could give them their own spot.

Nice idea doing this, it's just what we needed! Definitely deserves stickying
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#9 - Lible
Is anybody even interested in this, ok, I see 150 times visited after yesterday, but no comments, it's getting me upset.
Well there certainly should be a karting section, as opposed to putting them in the AU1 group. I've another new track I'll release later today also... it's based off a karting track off google earth... it's a massive 1:05 to complete in an MRT

PS... can you change my track title from "Auto-x track" to "Burnz Park" please?
Changed the name, Kart section will be avalaible as soon as I have some time to spare.

Oh, and one more thing: If there wil be a Kart section, where will the REAL Kart tracks go?
Updated, now going to hunt, if SRC stunt server layouts are updated somewhere, if they are, we are going to get a stunt section, I think.
Any sticky?

Is anybody interrested in replying?
for some reason people dont liek replying to anything layout related which is why ive posted only about 3 of my layouts on here.
#16 - axus
Nice post, certainly worth a sticky.
I'm currently making a layout collection, which will be avalaible in 3 versions: lite, full and bundle.

Lite - just all layout files, which you can copy to your layouts folder
Full - These layouts organized and .txt file and a picture (if it was avalaible from thread) with every one of them telling a short description, if avalaible, author and thread.
Bundle - Same as full, but includes HTML "user interface", so easier to use than with txt files.
Nice! Sounds like another great idea
stickied this - was searching for some autox layouts myself - continue this thread
i finally get to see a post from victor that isnt 5 months old!!!
yay you found my destruction durby for the skid pad!
Quote from Lible :Is anybody even interested in this, ok, I see 150 times visited after yesterday, but no comments, it's getting me upset.

like your avatar
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Updated, stunt section and 3 tracks added.

It seems that I'm not avalaible to do that collection thingy because it simply takes too much time, it took me about an hour to complete the Real Life ssection. Well... I didn't do it very much. Well, lets see how it goes.
Updated - In 15 minutes, some layouts are moved to right categorie and OTHER category is going to be added.
thanks for adding mine

Autocross layouts database
(102 posts, started )