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Open Endurance Cup Two - Rules
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Open Endurance Cup Two - Rules

For season two, there are a few changes.

The minimum number of drivers for a team is reduced to 1, the maximum number increased to 5. The class structure is changed to GT1 (FXR, FZR 20kg, XRR), GT2 (FXR 24%, FZR 21%, XRR 25%) and NGT (XFR, UFR 15kg).
The qualifying is a 9 day long session, where the fastest time for a team counts. Only teams with at least one scored laptime are allowed to participate. The deadline for changes is now 30minutes before the start of the race and the race is now started by a rolling start by the rules. The race distance is reduced to 3 hours.
Along the two cup clasifications for driver and teams overall, the class classification for teams willl also be released

The complete season two rules will soon be available on
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The complete rulebook now available under the given link in the opening post. If you find mistakes or have questions, please post them here.
Quoting from the rules: "All skins for a car must contain the provided, required elements."

Are the refered to number boards already available for download somewhere?
And is there a more discrete description of the exact placement on the bonnet? Shall they also reflect the colour code of the race class, a vehicle is competing in?
Information regarding skin requirements will be released when the skin thread is opened. There will be three different number boards (Same design, different colours, for each class one) and required elements for GT1 and GT2 cars, so they're distinguished from each other. The NGT will only need the number board. The number board can be placed anywhere on the bonnet.
Last season I produced a psd how I would've placed them on the car. It is in the number board zip from last season, downloadable from the homepage.
Quote from ymeshulin :Will the server be password-protected? Also, I don't think I've seen the actual server address anywhere...

Quote from TFalke55 :The server Nations World League is set to RO1 with the cars, for those who want to drive some laps there. Qual set to 240 minutes, race set to 10 laps. The server name might be changed at some point.

The server name will change to Open Endurance Cup, server will be passworded for the duration of qualifying and the race (and if I don't forget it) it will be without password for all other times.
FYI - have not been able to locate this server
Quote from MTnRunnr :FYI - have not been able to locate this server

You need to have private turned on when you search

Open Endurance Cup Two - Rules
(8 posts, started )