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Rally FE4B
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Rally FE4R
here's another stage at Fern Bay Black, reversed this time though. Judging my laptime (4:53.09 plus 0:04 penalty) and some alien's times a 4:35 should be available...

...but beware of Rally Stage FE4R

edit: oh, one more thing - what dyou think about opening area in biggest layouts like FE Black - now theres no access to rallyX area, and while we make stages we could use that. It could be separated only by cones. That would not affect races anyhow 'cos any shortcut would miss split and you have to collect splits one by one.
something like improvement suggestion anyway.
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^1&^8AndRand^7& ^8FE4R RX& 45709.spr - 72.7 KB - 665 views
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dude, put FE4_ on the start of the layout file name, otherwise it doesn't work
really awesome bump dude

Rally FE4B
(3 posts, started )