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AutoX editor (objects & functions)
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AutoX editor (objects & functions)
1) A quicker way to select multiple objects at once.
For example by dragging a selection-frame with mouse.

2) Sometimes it is hard to tell which selection-point belongs to which object.
The pointed object could flash or be highlighted?

3) Checkpoints can disappear into terrain if the ground is uneven.
Maybe draw them taller like this:

(same for route-checkers, marshal circles)

4) Draw numbers of custom start-grid.
(clicking 30 grid-objects to check correct order = Ya right)

Object suggestions

1) Signs with the numbers 0 to 9 and letters A-Z

To mark the order of gates/pylons in slalom, custom distance markers, numbered pit boxes,..
To spell PIT, SLOW, JOKER LAP,..

2) Sign with "straight ahead" arrow. (like the left/right turn markers, but ahead)

3) Small, round speed bump:

To fill gaps where the longer speedbumpers do not fit.
(The attempts to build curbs from concrete ramps I found not so suitable.)

4) An invisible "checkpoint" that has no effect on the physics but triggers an object-hit Insim message. This would make it easier to detect when a car has entered a certain location, without constantly polling the position via IS_MCI.
If the object-parameters-bytes can be set in editor this would make it possible for Insim to get some info about object.
Example usage: joker lap in rallye, co-pilot voice via Insim. ("next turn left!")
(Another advantage over IS_MCI is that all the location-info would be in the layout file)

5) Checkpoints and marshals-circles are useful as improvised helpers to line up objects.

Dedicated line/circle/grid "objects" would be very useful.

6) With the new concrete-objects one can build many things. Thumbs up
But the constructions look bit LEGO-like, it would be nice to place some 'real objects' on custom tracks. For example: flag poles, the tire-bridge of Kyoto, the gates of Blackwood-rallye, the marshal grandstands of various tracks, billboard signs,...

Autocross mode
A way to have multiple cars start a race at the same time, but still have object-hit penality activated.
When two of the new start-position objects are placed LFS goes from "autocross mode" into "race-mode" and hitting objects does not give a time-penality.
This makes it not possible to make a duel-autocross course for two cars like:

(like )
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#2 - lucaf
Very nice suggestions! +1
yes, definitely

AutoX editor (objects & functions)
(3 posts, started )