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Autocross Dragstrip
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Autocross Dragstrip
I made a dragstrip at the autocross. It is a short alternative to the actual dragway. I like this one better, because I have room for a carshow too. I will upload the layout when I figure out how. There are rules for it thogh:
  • The speed limit is 15MPH, you could be banned for speeding (You'd have to be going considerably over the limit to be banned)
  • If you hit a car hard enough to make it move serveral meters, then you will get kicked, and banned if you keep hitting people.
  • Burnouts are permitted in the car show area as long as you follow the rest of the rules.
  • No driving dangerously (Donuts, etc.)
  • Hitting any cone on purpose will not be tolerated, as it requires the race to be ended, and restarted to reset the cones.
How to race:

This is the "Car show" area. Show off your skin, or wait for someone who you would like to race.

Once you found someone who you would like to race, line up in separate lanes in the queue.

The second yellow line is the start line. Line up here.

This is the finish line. Start braking here, and then find the return road to your right. The return road will take you back to the car show area. If you would like to do donuts, then you may in the darker parking area near that building.

Click Here to download.
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Looks good!!

Autocross Dragstrip
(3 posts, started )