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Animal Style
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Animal Style



Big thanks to Mieley Design / Vincent Miele for the original car livery!

And remember! Don't give a ****. We are only one legal S2 club! : 3
wow . . nice pic Big grin
#3 - Litro
Nice pictures! Wish your team good luck!
please comment the skins bros Smile
why would you need these skins? They are for S1 and S2 cars.
Quote from aiden096 :Hello i was wondering if i could take over the team so if you could send me the skins through facebook that would be nice heres my facebook

It's not even a team, dammit!
Then why is it in this section?
Quote from k_badam :Then why is it in this section?

lfsforums have not been educated on the drift scene that much - it's a club, meaning as a driver you can be in multiple clubs unlike regarding teams where you can be only representing one. Clubs are sort of for just having fun (and damn some of them have the sexiest skins out there).
So if it is a club then why does it say "Drift Team" in the logo?
Because it's a replica of the actual animal style IRL.
If it is meant to be a replica of Animal Style, a drift team, then why is it a club?
Quote from k_badam :If it is meant to be a replica of Animal Style, a drift team, then why is it a club?

They have been around for quite a long while, there's no point in creating a team in the lfsdrift scene when you already got so many of them. Some people want to be representing something together and they obviously do not want to just dump their own team - that's where being a member of a club comes into play (same principle in RL drifting).
You have sold me to the idea, i just don't get why they are presenting it as a team instead of a club
yeah that does seem to be kinda meh ;D
Ahhhh i get it sorry to offend haha, so i was wondering if i could join and bring it back to life kinda, would be cool to see.
I back for playing, so yea. Club is still alive, and will be updated too and need fresh members. Cya on tracks Wink

Animal Style
(17 posts, started )