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AU1 Drift Park
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AU1 Drift Park
Thought I'd have an attempt at making a Drift course, rather than my normal hotlapping layouts.
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Now over a 100 timed laps been done with this layout on my server, so couple of tables to show best times and drift points achieved as at 23/01/15, all done on single lap from standing start.
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Drift Park Lap Times_Standing Start.jpg
Reverse Configuration
Now over 200 timed laps done on this layout (which is still on my server).

Details as as 10 March, 2015

PS Can't believe now 300 downloads, and not one comment on whether layout good, bad or indifferent. Anyway, if you've been practising with it, try it on my server (Sin'rs Too [Drift]) to see how many drift points you can get. There are 250 scores already recorded. Or if you think you can get round quickly, try beat the recorded single lap times, all done from a standing start.
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Top times for first 3 places 10 March 2015.png
AU1 Drift Park top Drift Scores 10 March 2015.png
I'd gladly comment on it, however that could get me banned.

People here don't realize that it's possible to understand the whole awesomeness of this layout just by looking at it's screenshot, and instead assume that every demo racer who comments on layouts is a cracker. Frown
Can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not Smile

As for demo racers - I get annoyed with any who say they have an S1/S2 license (honestly!?) but have mislaid login or don't want to use their full license details, but are looking for any enhancements for S1/S2 content.

I can't drift a car - if you look at graph of top 3 places for each car type - you'll see that the cars that I'm slowest with compared to leaders are the cars normally used for drifting. Or the cars that I find difficult in keeping back wheels in tracks of front wheels.

Its only because of my lack of drifting skills that I'd like to know what drifters think of this layout - currently 332 normal / 53 reverse downloads.

If it's rubbish, I'll change to different layout on my server.
#7 - Jasma
Oh nice! I thought you weren't hosting server anymore!

The first and the last sector is nice, but the two middle sectors are a bit too tight which disrupts the flow no matter it's drifting or setting fast laps.


AU1 Drift Park
(7 posts, started )