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NEC 2014-2015: Skins
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NEC 2014-2015: Skins
Post your skins for the 2014-2015 New Endurance Challenge here. The requirements are:
Quote from NEC 2014-2015 Rulebook Section E.1-3 :1. All car skins must display the required numberboards and mandatory logos in their mandated positions, as well as the provided sunstrip if applicable (only GTR + XFR cars).
1.1. For all GTR, NGT and TBO cars, teams are required to put a numberboard on each side of the car and also the bonnet/hood of the car.
1.2. For the FO8, car numbers must be located on the nose of the car and the rear wing endplates, preferably without the numberboards which are used on the other cars. The mandatory "Genuine Racing" and "QSERVERHOSTING" logos should be placed on the top of the sidepods and both sides the upper rear wing element respectively.
2. Any teams, that use skins which do not comply with rules above will be penalised with a two point penalty for their first violation in an event. Violations in the same event after the first penalty will not be considered.
3. Skins must also be compliant with the skin regulations on, meaning that they must not include any nudity, pornographic, racist or any other extremely offensive content. Any driver who's found to be using a skin that's violating these rules will be put on probation for the remainder of the season, or be excluded if necessary.

Note: Drivers with single digit car numbers (number 0 to 9) are not required to use double digit numbers on their numberboards (for example: 1 instead of 01).

Note 2: Skinners are adviced to not downscale the numberboards too much for use on their skins, numbers must be recognisable at first sight.

Note 3: Skins should be posted in 2048x2048 resolution. You may also post them in higher resolutions though.

Located in the skinkit below are the numberboards needed for all tintop cars, as well as the sunstrip for the GTR and XFR cars. The GenR and QServerHosting logos for the FO8 are also included, in both, black and white.
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NEC 2014-2015: Skins
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