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CityLiga 10³ - race
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CityLiga 10³ - race
The season is over, now to the endurance race! For which we return to Aston North reversed in windless conditions on a clear day (/weather=1, /wind=0). This time however with the TBOs and GTIs. The FXO must carry 6%, the XRT 3% and the XRG 2%, while XFG and RB4 are free from restrictions. The restrictors have to be used during the race anytime, otherwise the team will be disqalified!

The participants start in the qualifying order, which has been released officially. The starting drivers of the teams shall be on the server at 11:45 UTC (13:45 German time). Then they will be put in order by the race admin.

At 12:00 UTC (14:00 German time) the race will be started. The start will be seperated between the two classes, to avoid early inter-class chaos: The TBO class will start with the natural Live for Speed start lights. The GTI class will be started via a "Green Flag" chat message by the race admin.

Since it is a longer race, we may point out that drivers shall respect eachother during the lapping. The GTI participants shall move out of the way at good places, but moreover they shall drive a clear, expectable line during the lapping. However TBO participants shall not expect that a GTI drirectly jumps out of the way.

During the whole races, chatting is forbidden! During the course of the race, the car must be handed over to another driver once, without other criteria. During the driver exchange, the drivers coming in and leaving the car shall not stay on the server for too long. The server is to race, not to watch.

If the car ends up stuck in the gravel, ends up flipped or similar teams may re-enter the race, but will be charged one penalty lap. The same happens with connection issues. Moreover one has to note, that exiting the pit lane the yellow line towards the race track (to the left) may not be crossed with a tyre. This also counts in the area after the pitlane exit line, behind the wall!

The race be 200 laps long. After the leading participant completes these 200 laps, any driver's race will be finished after crossing the finish line.
Race to start in 70 minutes. Starting drivers are asked to be in server at 11:45 UTC (13:45 German time).
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One word from Corse Motorsports here.

Twiggy and me really enjoyed racing with the many professional teams and drivers that were involved! The organization was good. Therefore we would like to say a word of thanks to those involved in the organization. Also were questions always answered really qiuckly.

Such things is definitely what LFS needs and what makes LFS still a very great racing sim.

Thanks, and hopefully Corse is seeing u all on next events!
Good race.
Thanks guys for the race, i really enjoyed it and i would love to see another road car endu sometime in the future.
Well, pole position in our class and podium in the of the day is more than expected for us.Strategy with this damn long stints worked well. No doubt, this was my best race in my LFS career.Sorry to all TBOs who had contacts and troubles when they were passing us.I was really bad and did some stupid maneuvers which could cause crashes in the beginning of the race, but I have improved and it became easy for me and hope for you too.Also, sorry to Absolute Beginners,NOX Racing GTi and The Voice for dirty overtakes, which wasn't intentional.I tried to do it as clean as possible, but it didn't happen.Contact are something normal in racing, but I could avoid them if I was less aggressive.Sorry again!

Anyway, it was incredible race and I really enjoyed it!Good job admins and racers!
Results in mpRes are now official.
#11 - n3ox
Here is my summary of the event. This is my very first all english commentary in my LFS Report. Hope you like it though my english got plenty room for improvement. There is also a handmade german subtitle (and an auto-generated english subtitle, which is pretty funny ). It would be nice, if you could leave me some feedback, at least a Like or Thumbs Up on the Video . Have fun:
Nicely done!
Nice report

BTW after watching your videos - what's your Rubik's cube solving PB?
#14 - n3ox
Quote from michal 1279 :Nice report

BTW after watching your videos - what's your Rubik's cube solving PB?


Single 19.44, 3 of 5 ~22s

my PB single is 17,89
PB average of 5 23,01

I'm rouxer
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CityLiga 10³ - race
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