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Westhill Cloudy Afternoon
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#1 - t1ger
Westhill Cloudy Afternoon
Is it just me, or are three quarters of the pits at Westhill in a strange shadow when you select Cloudy Afternoon? Just tried it with 0.6E and 0.6F (and a 0.5Z28 copy I had lying around) and it is the same.

Tried it using 0.6E on my Acer laptop too, and its also the same.

Viewed from high up, I don't see what it could reasonably be the shadow from, so it looks like a bug.

Might be fixed in new Westhill, but I thought I'd raise it now.
It's been like that for quite a while now. I think there's a post been talked about lately where Scawen explains the shadow system as it is now generates shadows in the incorrect way in some cases. I believe he's said he's working on a new shadow system that will come in a future incompatible patch.

EDIT: here's a recent post about it: ... php?p=1859654#post1859654
#3 - t1ger
Yep, I saw that thread, but it was written after my post (although I admit the Scawen post regarding shadows is a lot older and my extensive searching missed that one).

Just thought it was worth raising, especially as Westhill is being worked on right now and if it was a track issue - although, perhaps it isn't.

Westhill Cloudy Afternoon
(3 posts, started )