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Does my desktop have what it takes?
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Does my desktop have what it takes?
Current specs of my desktop:
E6300 (LGA775) @ 2.8 GHz
4GB DDR2 800 MHz RAM
160GB 7200 RPM HD
5870HD 4GB
Win7 Home Premium

All LFS settings max'd out.

I use wireless internet as my modem is 2 floors up in the house.

When I get to big multiplayer servers and am around 20 cars, my FPS drops into the high 20's. It makes it very hard to race.

I know my desktop is archaic but I was still hoping that it would play LFS. What needs to be upgraded. It mainly does web surfing and LFS/iRacing.
Your graphics does seem more than adequate to max out LFS. However, LFS uses CPU more, so that may be the bottleneck. What resolution are you running?
1680x1050 on a 20" monitor.
Install Windows XP
XP will run better on this box.

Nothing wrong with it, check whats running in the background and shut off everything that's not essential. Just run msconfig. What AV ?, as that can cause a slowdown.

If you really want 7, then, assuming a 64 bit OS, take it to 8 gig. That makes a difference with slower PC's.
If you can afford it, upgrade it to a Q6600 (quad-core). It'll make a difference I think.
But not in that board. ( actually, wot board ? )

Q6600 is an awesome processor, I run one but in a different ROG board that let's it be over clocked to 3.2 from the stock 2.4.
Quote from Racer X NZ :But not in that board. ( actually, wot board ? )

Q6600 is an awesome processor, I run one but in a different ROG board that let's it be over clocked to 3.2 from the stock 2.4.

The Q6600 is supported by LGA775 motherboards, which the OP is using currently. It would work out-of-the-box with no tweaking needed, unless he wants to overclock it. It does seem quite awesome even for its age on a lot of games and LFS is no exception (though isn't LFS single-threaded only?).
Microsoft Security Essentials. Nothing runs in the background really. I just use it for LFS.

I could drop in a couple more GBs of RAM. It's cheap anyway.

I use an ancient Asus P5W DH Deluxe. I'll check out some new CPUs. I thought 2.8GHz was enough, but I guess not.
I think it's a CPU bottleneck. I can't imagine that your RAM or GPU are causing low FPS. Check your CPU usage (all cores) to see if goes to 100%.
I had the same-ish rig except for the VGA and Windows 7 isn't a barrier for it really...
Yep, I'll check on my CPU once I go back home from college.

I do have a 64-bit OS. I can probably steal 1GB of ram from my family's spare desktop too and see how it fares with that. I will have to downclock to 667 mHZ though if I do run 5 GB RAM.

Ebay prices for Q6600's are around $50 too. Doesn't seem like a bad upgrade if I really need it. I'm not big into computers anymore, as seen by my ancient hardware, so I don't really want to build a new rig or dump money into my aging one. I mainly just use my laptops for web surfing and school work.
I wouldn't add 1GB more ram if you have to downclock it. You will only get a slower system I think. Other than getting an other CPU, you could try to overclock your current one.
My CPU is 1.83 GHZ stock. It is now at 2.8 GHz. I don't know how much more voltage I can add until I blow it up!
It really sounds like you need to upgrade your CPU then.
do be prepared for high costs to upgrade it. If you upgrade your cpu you 99% of the time also have to upgrade your mobo (because of the socket) and maybe your RAM as well (because the newest mobo's use DDR3, and I expect this old system doesn't have that) and maybe you need to upgrade psu as well (because you will use more power probably).

I might be thinking a little bit further than you here, but it's better to have too much info, than not enough
If we're still talking about upgrading to a Q6600 that's not necessary.
Go for it, I run a p5r and a Q6600 is a great $50 investment. It overclocks really well and will run to 3.00 ghz without any issue.

The Q6600 is one of those awesome processors that sold for lots when new, now are a great investment.
Just make sure you reset your bios to its defaults before you plug it in, you may need a different cooler but they aren't expensive either.
Quote from MINIz guy :My CPU is 1.83 GHZ stock. It is now at 2.8 GHz. I don't know how much more voltage I can add until I blow it up!

Well, your CPU is either a Core2Duo E6300 which is 1.86GHz stock or a Core2Pentium which I had, and clocks 2.8GHz at stock. I guess it is the later one.
I have a Corsair TX750 PSU. I will be more than fine with powering up my system.

I have the former C2D E6300. I thought it was 1.83GHz but may have remembered wrong since it is so long ago. It is an old CPU for sure.

I run short watercooled loop right on my rig. Swiftech MCR220 radiator (2x120) and a Swiftech Apogee GTZ. I don't see past 35*C ever with my current setup.
$50, with your setup, it's a no-brainer.

That must be one of the cheapest, best bang-for-your-buck upgrades going !

It will transform your pc, remember, the q6600's were thousand dollar processors when they were released for a good reason.

If you want to replace your board, ram, and processor to get something a bit faster, then fine.

My view was, this is actually fast enough without spending heaps of money.

I'm getting 3.2 on air, with water cooling 3.8 to 4 is not uncommon, particually with a good ASUS board. Stock is 2.4.
10 sec of google will give you the overclocking for your board model. The P5** are very good overclockers for this processor.
The fastest DDR2 you can find works well too.

Do a careful build, high quality thermal grease, well cooled case. You'll have a good pc for the next few years.

And, FYI, this was the high end Intel processor when the Sirocco was announced for LFS................
There were more than that it went up to Intel Core 2 Quad Q8XX0/9XX0
[u]The highest is Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650./u]
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Does my desktop have what it takes?
(26 posts, started )