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[DEV Chat] PRISM Modules & Drivers
So, I'm doing some restructing of PRISM's modules. That goal of this restructuring is that we make LFS's modules act as a 'Driver' that allows for communications between LFS's InSim interface and PRISM. Then I'd like to make HTTP, WebSockets, Telnet and SSH a driver as well. This takes the colors of the rainbow, and focuses them into a single white beam (a packet stream) that all "userland developers" can use. I'm just trying to come up with a simple interface for that, and a folder structure that makes sense.

Currently, I'm thinking that each driver should be it's own subdirectory within the modules directory. Or should it be that there is a driver top level directory within PRISM's directory and we use that for all of the different drivers we intend on supporting. Then more general modules go into the modules directory, in this case admins would be a general module, as well as the INI handler. Then we can expand on that so that plugins that use LFS' driver can simply add use a trait to get access to their packet information.

Then we have to think about a common interface for PRISM into it's drivers. The most common way that Victor handled that was to use initialise(), getSelectableSockets() & checkTraffic(). We would make a module for the drivers, and make these required functions to implement.

I hope this will make for clearer code, while allowing the programming with this dev team, and programmers within the "userland" to be able to use PRISM in a more concise manner. As such, I'm shooting for PHP 5.6.0 to be a REQUIREMENT for PRISM 0.5.0. All devs should start testing PRISM with PHP 5.6.0-Alpha1 as soon as possible. There are many great things to be seen in 5.5.0, and now 5.6.0.
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